Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well if Chanel is doing it...

I just found out about the Chanel Jeans collection and while I am still disgruntled with the fact that they did not call me to pick up my bottle of Graphite (grrrrrr....I assume they are now sold out and impossible to find), I can't help but swoon a little.  If you look over my last few swatches....yeah.  You understand.  I knew you would.

Credit: Nitrolicious

So in honour of this upcoming collection, I'm showing you this colour which came up some time ago in a random thrifting adventure.

Of course, I wanted a twirly photo to do this skirt justice and my wonderful brother who has never attempted a blog before came up with this:
Bordering on indecent

Me giving up on my brother's photography attempts

I saw it on the rack and I was like, ooh...that colour is so up my alley, wutttt.  Yeah I'm not cool enough to attempt that sort of slang in real life.  Particularly not in a normal person's tea-length knee-length house dress. 

The designer?

In case my "See for yourself" trick doesn't work, it says Pierre Balmain.

Happy weekend, dear reader -- regular posts start Monday!  None of this Monday, Tuesday, Saturday business.


  1. Ooooh love that collection and your dress is wonderful, love the spin photo! haha I ended up getting a China Glaze polish from the TRON collection that is sort of kind of maybe not a rose gold, but still cute nonetheless. Thanks for your input from my tweet question!!

  2. The dress is such a good find! Love the color, and love that you did an outfit post!

  3. Love the dress, love blue dresses and love that Nigel barker would be very proud of the way you got that skirt to fly in the shot in tandem with the hair swish.

    Thats talent!