Monday, September 5, 2011

5 new things...

This morning, I got back to the apartment and headed straight into the kitchen for food (obviously).  I got in there and I noticed a weird texture under my I was walking on crumbs.  TOD was still passed out, so I took a closer look.  They were dry, brown particles that fell apart when I touched them.  I woke her up and she proudly declared, "I was sharpening last night!"

Joe Fox

Despite the fact that neither of us has had a use for pencil crayons in nearly eight years, she'd clearly been bitten by the the back-to-school bug.  That got me thinking...the start of a new year has never been January for me -- it's always been September.  That said,  I've come across some fun, new (to me) things I thought I'd share with you!

  1. New banner: Notice anything different?  Yes, that mishmash of product vomit has been replaced by something sleeker, prettier and specially made by the best blogging buddy in the world -- Superficial Sanctuary!  I mentioned in passing that I'd been in the process of creating a new banner for a while and next thing I know, she's emailing me three different proofs.  There aren't enough thanks in the world!
  2. New site: ThoughtCatalog -- wow, is this the happiest thing in the world?  Some of the funniest articles I've read in a while, I spent the entire weekend combing through them.  Their most recent is a first-person perspective on a near-death experience.  Go check it out right now!
  3. New routine: TOD and I are starting a cleanse this week!  We start school on the 12th and we're on this huge cleansing kick.  Since she also just moved in, we've been decluttering and reorganizing to within an inch of our lives.  Possible room tour?  Possible twitter updates on how tired/cranky/cleanse-y we are?  But of course!  Today we're doing all raw fruits/vegetables, tomorrow juice, and water for the day after that.  If you want more detail, let me know!
  4. New habit:  Going make-up free.  I know.  Blasphemy.  But my skin has gotten so much better!  It was a part of my skincare rules that I posted here.  For the past 10 days or so, I've been washing my face, sunscreen-ing and leaving.  Get this -- I haven't even curled my lashes.  Gasp!
  5. New (old) product: Since having that Macadamia shampoo strip my hair down to nothing, I've been going back to an old stand-by; Herbal Essences Hello Hydration! Conditioner.  I used this shampoo/conditioner combination for almost two years before making the spontaneous switch to Joico K-Pak, but I'm so glad to be reunited with it!  I love the scent of this shampoo, people always ask me what perfume I'm wearing.  I tell them it's aaaall me!
What's come into your life recently?


  1. It's terrible, but I never curl my lashes. Odd (but normal for me) that I think it's bad luck because the day I bought the eyelash curler and used it was a TRAVESTY of a day. I'm still cringing.

    Yay on the banner, looks great on the blog! I want updates on the cleanse....aaaand maybe want to try it, too?! I heard cleanses can make your skin act up, though, so I hope if I decide to do it that my skin stays intact!

  2. I love the new banner! :) It's really cute.

  3. Go the new banner!

    Oh no cleansy cranky pants- its hard but you'll be perky in no time- I found baths to help an empty tummy when cleansing, something about the warmth tricking it into fullness- silly tummy!

    make-up free you are one brave lady, I would love too but would actually break down crying having to face people with spotty gross chin- so vain!

    I commend you!

  4. The banner looks great! I can't imagine going without make-up... I know that if I could just do it for a couple weeks my skin would clear up and I wouldn't NEED makeup so badly, but I just can't bring myself to do it.