Wednesday, September 28, 2011

90% of blog content is recycled.

Or in my case...100%.

I was attempting this no-heat curl tutorial from The Lipstick Diaries and I wasn't going to post anything about it...until the video I had planned for you guys stopped uploading after 401 out of 423 minutes.  Am I bitter?  You judge.


Okay, I've calmed down.
Not enough to actually apply make up or touch up my
skin at all, but enough to write this post.

 A few things when you attempt this:

  • The top layer of my hair was much more curled -- I think it's because I started running out of room on the elastic when I got to the longer layers at the back.  You can kind of tell in the picture below that the longest pieces of hair have a little body to them, but not really a curl like you see in my bangs.
  • I kept worrying the headband would fall off my head.  Granted, it didn't stay as far forward as I hoped; it kind of pulled back towards my crown, but I'm kind of glad that happened or I'd have super tight curls around my face and really loose ones everywhere else.
  • Spray liberally with hairspray if your hair is as stick-straight as mine.  I'm going to play with the idea of hitting it with my hair dryer's hot then cool blast.
  • The tutorial was for vintage curls but since my hair is so resistant to heat-less curl, it just ended up looking like beachy waves.
  • I'm so into this heat-less thing.  Big sweeping declaration: this year, my hair will be long AND healthy!  It has been said, it shall be done!


  1. Gurrrlfrand, I have been there with failed videos...the sole reason why my YT page only has three to this day.

    Go heatless curls! Have you tried the sock bun method yet? I have and it's pretty awesome, but it's hard to master. I'll have to try this method to see if it works any better on my hair. I love the beachy effect it has probably better than full-blown curls. Nicely done, even if it wasn't on purpose! haha

  2. @Superficial Sanctuary I have fo SHO tried the sock bun method! Check it out!

  3. Your hair looks so pretty! I can never create consistently polished curls in my hair! They often end up looking wayyy too frizzy!

    sorelle in style