Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School: Schoolbag Analysis

School starts...well, today, but in university I've always done the BTS thing a little late.  I think it's because I buy my books after the courses start.

I was looking in J.Crew the other day and found this green tote that hung soooo well on my body, but it looked a little uncomfortably like that Longchamp Pliage that every. single. girl. has carried.  Kind of like those hideous toggle heart necklaces from Tiffany between 2003 and 2008.  Damn you, Elle Woods.

H&M, J. Crew, H&M

Anyway, my thing for a school bag is that I need it to be sturdy.  I ruin my totes.  I put books in them, food/water/crunchy snacks end up all over them and they end up attracting all the receipts in my house.  I'm not sure why.  Bottom line, it will be a glorified trash receptacle.  A pretty one, though.

So I need something that's roomy enough to keep me going from work to school, that will be sturdy enough to carry a water bottle and various school-type things, and not be too heavy in its own right.


I've also toyed with the idea of keeping one of those re-usable bags that you get from stores and putting all my actual notes and textbooks and things in that and using a smaller purse for my purse-y essentials.  Also, because I have three LONG days of school a week this year, I've also purchased a lunch box.  Don't make fun of me.  Okay, fine, only a little.  But my issue with that now is that I don't want to look like a bag lady with three different bags hanging off my arms.  Not to mention the fact that I'm running to work in the morning, then walking across the city to school (it's just not convenient to take any form of public transit) and then walking home.

To recap, the bag must:
  • Be inexpensive.  Read, less than $80 CAD. Unless I think it's sturdy enough to take my abuse.  Unlikely, though.
  • Be sturdy.  That is, the straps can't just be sewn on.  I'd prefer them to be buckled on or look like they're  reinforced.  Hence, a cloth tote likely won't work unless the straps are one continuous loop through the bottom of the bag.
  • Be light.  I will not carry anything monstrously leather-heavy.  A leather/fabric combination would be ideal.
  • Be water-resistant.  I keep notes in there and I can't afford for the notes I make to run, nor can I afford to lower the resale value of my texts.
  • Be shoulder-carrying friendly.  I want a long enough drop in the handle that I can sling it over my shoulder and not have to carry it in the crook of my arm. Am also open to messengers, but would like a shoulder option since I find that heavy messengers hurt me.
  • Go with everything.  That should be fairly self-explanatory.
If I think of any others, I'll let you know!


  1. i have it! a backpack :P :)

    in all seriousness, if you find it let me know

  2. ahhh this is tough. to be honest, i always used one from F21. they make huge options that would last you the year, mine usually did and i had to carry dictionary sized anthologies for english classes. a lunch bag should easily fit into one on top of the books.

    one year i used a cute military-esque BOOKBAG from urban outfitters, that is always an option...a decent, acceptable bookbag...saves your back in the long run! haha

  3. That's a tall order. Every bag I used in law school bit the dust pretty quickly... the straps always wore out from carting around those insanely heavy textbooks. Can you do a backpack? I know they're dorky, but sometimes you just have to go for comfort.

  4. Girl - check out Lululemon- I had the same issue with by daily gym to work bag then I found this - the swiss army knives of totes!!
    (still going strong!)