Friday, September 9, 2011

Diary of a Cleanse Victim, part II.

Continued from here...

Day 3: What's scary? I'm not even hungry anymore.  I couldn't even finish my juice.  Each sip was an effort to force down.  Even scarier?  I started getting all these awkward flu symptoms -- chills, joint pain, etc.  I finally went home to sleep it off, but on my way, picked up a Fresh date almond smoothie.  Did you know that if you go between 3:00 and 5:30, you'll get a 16 oz for 5.75 and they'll throw in a dessert?  I couldn't eat mine, but I figured...almost there!  But seriously..I didn't want to eat anything.

Credit:Women's Fitness Blog
If you're in Toronto, get yours from here!

Cheat:  I actually went out to dinner with some friends and started my raw food a little early.  And by raw food I mean I had a celeriac soup and a salad.  So...not exactly raw food.  It wasn't too hard to eat though so I think the key is this:  if it must be cooked, it should be pureed.  If it is raw...a little dressing won't hurt you.

Day 4:  Still starting my day with hot water and lemon, but I made a mistake of attempting the muffin I got when I purchased my smoothie yesterday.  I feel beyond sick. I think I have to really be careful with what I ingest today or I could spend the entire day with that hideous "Am I going to throw up?  I don't know.  Maybe...Not right now?  Okay, a little later then..." feeling.

Final cleanse thoughts?

  • Don't cheat.  If you must, don't cheat all the way.  You know, when people argue that if you rob a bank, you may as well rob a bank for $40 million versus $5000? Yeah, in this case, start low.
  • I would do it with a less sugary juice than we did.  I think it was the reason for my headaches, at least.  Also, my throat started really hurting from the sugariness.
  • By the third day, TOD's headaches had completely cleared up!  If you need to quit caffeine, this is the way to do it.  PUSH THROUGH.
  • I had a shocking amount of energy.  I walked a little more slowly than I normally do and slept more than usual, but in terms of mental focus -- holy mother of Ritalin, I was a freakin' machine.
  • I was cold - all the time.  TOD works at a hospital where she regularly finds it far too warm, but she told me that once she'd stopped moving for a while, she needed a sweater.  It will be chilly.
  • Would I do it again? ...Possibly.  TOD says she never will, but I'm mildly intrigued with this semi-annual cleansing business.
So, does anyone dare to cleanse after this experience?


  1. Yeah, I will definitely not be trying this. Flu symptoms? I don't care how clean my colon is, if I feel achy and have chills I'm not a happy gal.

  2. Hmmm, PP, we may not be identical-but-look-nothing-alike twins after all, as I could NOT push through this. You are AWESOME for doing so, though, I'm thoroughly, thoroughly impressed! GO YOU!

    Quitting caffeine? Curse the day that ever happens to me!!

  3. Gosh its hard- but awesome achievement- you sort of shame yourself into nut putting crap into your body again (for a while at least) dont you think?