Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food of the Day?

Tod's and my first attempt at quinoa!

And just in case it was terrible, we balanced it out with short ribs, green grapes and Kinder Chocolate bars.

What are you having for lunch today?

Seriously, we like looking.

The first thing Tod does when she goes into someone's house is look through their fridge.

Not in a creepy, invasive way.


  1. Look at you healthy people. I'm jealous as my tummy is grumbling as we speak. I have a chicken pot pie to eat during lunch which is not until 12:30 but I MAY just have to eat it during my plan period instead.....yeah, it's THAT kind of day.

    Never really could get behind Quinoa....you'll have to let me know your thoughts!

  2. I went to a new Turkish restaurant in town and tried a bunch of stuff I'd never had before like ezme and kafte. It was delish!

  3. @Superficial Sanctuary Not that healthy =P the meal was more kinder chocolate bars than anything else LOL!

    @The Blonde @ Stylish3 I love Turkish! I especially like those turkish-style pizzas - YUM. I need one right now.

  4. I love quinoa, although I pronounce it wrong and my hubby needs to cook it as I fail every time and end up with glug!