Thursday, September 1, 2011

Levelling up in our relationship?

Don't know if I've ever mentioned this product (I just finished it today so...I think that brings me to 9 and 2/3...?), but I was really obsessed with it for a while.  Then, of course, I found yoghurt --

I need to stop for a second.

This spellcheck keeps telling me I'm spelling yoghurt wrong.  I'M CANADIAN GODDAMMIT.


Nope, still angrily underlined in red.

Back to my post!

This looks awkwardly...not-orange.  It's orange.

It's the Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial.  Okay, that was a mouthful.  Yes, I speak out loud as I type.  I picked it up off a Shoppers Drug Mart (my happy place) clearance rack about a year ago.  I remember the first time I used it I was surprised how moisturized my face was when I got out of the shower.  It ushered in a new age of multi-tasking that has gotten slightly out of hand.  My showertime is my efficient time.  You just wait til I post a shower routine; it'll be like one of those supercooltechnicolourednewfangled resumes that look like timelines.

Anyway, I stopped using this on my face after I found the yoghurt mask but I still had a quarter of the bottle (and a backup) left.  What to do?

I feel we've reached that stage in our relationship that I can freely discuss my bikini line with you.

Being someone who has never shaved a thing in her life, I am not about to get anywhere near my genitals with a razor.  I realize that on paper, burning hot wax doesn't sound a lot better, but at least it's (literally) out of my hands.  Between waxes, I've been using this to help with any ingrowns -- it softens up the skin build and frees the ingrown hair so you can tweeze it after your shower.  Bonus: it doesn't hurt as much right out of a steaming hot shower!

Again, since I've never picked up a razor, I have no idea what razor burn is.  If you think this would help you, try it and let me know!


  1. i feel like this was total TMI but then i remember that just about anything (aside from bloody and broken limbs, gag) is never TMI to's quite odd. just don't post about your broken collarbone, because i hate how awkward collarbones are. cringe-inducing. comment rant over!

    can i just say it did make me (also) cringe when you spelled yogurt in the canadian fashion? you spell it colour, too, don't you? i feel like our cultural spellings are about the only thing we can't agree on! hahaha

    ending this too-long comment with saying YOU ARE AWESOME for being almost finished with 10 products! i obviously gave up but have since finished three products that weren't on the list....does that count at all? haha

  2. @Superficial Sanctuary I absolutely spell it coloUr! =

    I've also never broken a single bone in my life -- not sure how I've managed to avoid it since I was beyond accident prone when my limbs were too long for my body.

  3. I loved the "I feel we've reached the stage of our relationship" part - made me laugh out loud a little! I used this product a long time ago, but after your review I think I need to buy it again!