Monday, September 26, 2011

My Best Hair Trick

This is nothing revolutionary, creative or original but I've been using this so often that I can't not write about it.

It's exactly what it looks like.

I first discovered this about seven years ago when my high school forced us to go on a winter camping trip.  For me, that meant four days of unwashed hair.  Not so much a problem now, but back then, I had this nasty habit of washing my hair everyday, without fail.  It was after that hideous experience that I immediately set about having my hair last longer between washes.

Anyway, my friend (who you may remember from this post) brought a giant bottle of baby powder with her and I was immediately curious.  I originally thought it was to keep her socks dry to prevent Legionnaires' Disease, but turns's a greasy hair CURE.  She offered to put some on me but of course, my first thought was: white powder...on my almost-black Asian hair...hmmm.  She convinced me to test a patch and it blended away shockingly well.

Now I can go about six five four days without washing it, but around the third day or so I need a little help.
I dust the tiniest bit into my hands and rub my hands into my scalp.  It's that easy.  Occasionally I'll be wearing some article of black clothing and it'll ruin it, but we'll call that collateral.

I can't use too much because if I powder too heavily, it does turn my hair a little gray.  Not like Jamie Lee Curtis gray (doesn't she just rock it though??) but it looks less dark than before.  Usually with enough finger combing that goes away.

And yes, I've tried a million other dry shampoos that are specifically made for this purpose (as opposed to preventing diaper rash), but none of them work nearly as well.  I'm looking at you Ojon Full Detox Cleansing Spray, Tresemme Fresh Start, Oscar Blandi Invisible Volumizing and T360 Refresh.  These worked for a split second, then immediately made my hair look greasy.  Not impressed.


  1. We truly are BFFs now....I have a solid 10 bottles of this shit in my room...I buy in bulk from the 99 cent bin haha I guess I should just go and buy a big bottle, but the littles ones are easier for the purse/travel/etc.

    This post has perfect timing, too, as my recently color 'do is much darker and I was nervous as to whether or not I'd have to neglect my mini bottles! haha The only thing that even comes close to the effect of BP is Umberto's Dry Shampoo (gold bottle, found at Target, $8) - STILL doesn't beat classic BP, though!

  2. I've been meaning to try this! Thanks for sharing. :)