Friday, September 23, 2011

My New Chanel Love

It's a little late, but this is what I've been wearing for the past week or so.  My Chanel counter never called me when this came in (grrr...bad Holt's!) so I missed out and ended up trekking to Buffalo to get it.  Greatest hitchhike ever.


I have no idea why this is upside down

It's a midtone silver with the most gorgeous shimmer running throughout -- it is the sole reason I'm willing to shell out $28 CAD a bottle.  There is no shimmer in the world that exists that can even compare to Chanel shimmer.  There is a certain depth and opacity that comes with these colours that you simply cannot find in another brand, including salon nail brands like OPI.  I've chosen this photo because it most clearly displays each particle of shimmer like none of the others did.

This is one of those goes-with-everything colours.  This is that I'm-feeling-indulgent-but-lazy-and-want-to-look-polished-so-I'll-choose-this-one colour.  This is that colour that will never let yo udown.  Does it replace Kaleidoscope?  No.  That's too optimistic.  Damn close though.

I'm contemplating making another trip for another bottle just in case when I run out.

I's only a three hour drive.


  1. You must really love that polish! :-p

    I can definitely see why though!!!

  2. omg this is the perfect polish!

    xo Jackie

  3. I love shimmery and sparkly polish but I always think it looks ridiculous on me :( That color is great, though, I love it and it is the OPPOSITE of ridiculous on you!

    You're three hours from Buffalo? I know someone else that's close to three hours from Buffalo and both my thumbs are pointing at her! haha

  4. I love your dedication to beauty! This is a gorgeous colour, but can you find it online and save yourself a drive?

  5. Yup this near to perfection, love it!, Been searching high n low for a dupe, may have an opi poor cousin version, need to swatch and see!