Sunday, October 30, 2011

C'est L'Halloween!

I'm not sure how successful this costume was since people kept asking what we were.  I eventually showed them this google search*** and about a third of the people went "Ohhhh!"  We'll see.  Try not to cheat =P 

Me, at more or less the same developmental stage.
Tod is extremely pale.

NYX Round Lipstick in Electra.
No idea where it disappeared.

***google search here

  1. I used all drugstore products so I wouldn't be shy about laying them on SUPER thick.  You'll need to get the right opacity for this look.
  2. Start the dots by mapping out four quadrants on your face -- that is, make a line of dots down the middle and across your face so you have something to compare against.  Speaking of dots, aren't they even?  Tod and her steady dentist-to-be hands did them!  My arms got too tired to lift after a while.
  3. Lightly press the lip liner where you want your dots and twist it on your skin to get a stronger pigment
  4. Everything is easier with an angle brush or a detail brush (like the 209)
  5. I used all EcoTools brushes -- they are a GODSEND.  And beyond cheap.
  6. Don't use a NYX Jumbo Shadow pencil for the lines -- it's far too greasy.  A little gel liner mixed with NYX black shadow worked the best.
  7. Don't forget to put mascara on your false lashes. They will not look as cartoon-y as they're supposed to.  If I hadn't been running late, I actually would have doubled up on the number of lashes
  8. Give yourself plenty of time.  I was an hour and a half late because I forgot I had to do my own face.
  9. I know Lichtenstein is supposed to be extremely two dimensional, but I feel so naked without a contour.  Take a little of the black eye shadow with an extremely fluffy brush and dust almost all the product off.  NYX's black shadow is EXTREMELY pigmented!
  10. I meant to powder this look with a little HD powder, but I found that even on my greasy skin, none of the make up rubbed off for at least three or four hours.  It did get itchy though, so I had to wash it off before I could really test wearing time.  A silicone powder might have smoothed things out and made things less uncomfortable.  You tell me!
Happy All Hallows' Eve Eve!


  1. You look great! Not only is it a great costume but it just looks cool. :D

  2. I love this look! :) It just seems very vintage to me even though I have no idea, hahaha

  3. NO JOKE - I wanted to do this with SSB but I knew he wouldn't go for it, because he doesn't know the artist in the least. This must mean we are super duper blogger BFFs for thinking the same thing! You girls ROCKED it, so awesome, I'm sad more people didn't know -- we have a huge Lichtenstein painting in the school I teach at, so at least my students would have known had they been there!

  4. @Vintage Makeup good call! I gave her a really 30s shaped mouth :)

  5. @Superficial Sanctuary NO WAY. Seriously?? Great minds :-) Im sad you didnt though, would have loved to see how you would've gone about it.

  6. a Licthenstein costume was submitted to regretsy's costume contest this year! Do you read If you don't, you totally should. It is one of the few sites that makes me literally laugh out loud.