Monday, October 10, 2011

Liquid Gold

As soon as I typed those words into the title bar I realized there are a million and eight things I consider liquid gold (one of them being gravy).

Tod was rushing off to work the other day and of course, that is the only time I am ever inspired to do a look.  Onwards!

Changed the hue of this photo to show you how gold the gold is

Seriously -- is that not the foiliest, creamiest gold you've seen in your life?
That's what my desk looks like after a look.

Tod got tired after a while

I felt like playing with false lashes but I didn't want something too 'done'.  Ergo, no foundation because I wanted to keep all the freckle-y goodness she'd accumulated over the summer.  To further emphasize the casual, summery feeling of natural skin, I smudged the liner to within an inch of its inky life.  The lips I kept fairly neat because...smudgy red lips just don't work.  No

  1. Line your upper lashline and upper waterline with a creamy black liner (Styli-Style Line & Seal in Carbon Black) and blend with a cotton swab
  2. Cut a pair of standard false lashes (mine are from a random salon in Toronto) in half and place on outer half of eyes
  3. Add a few individuals (Individual  Lashes by Quo) for an extra feathery look and pinch together with a lash curler
  4. Fill in any gaps with the same black liner
  5. Line lower lashline with a highly pigmented gold liner (HIP Chrome Eyeliner in Gold Charge)
  6. Set by pressing a gold eye shadow into the line with a cotton swab -- better than a brush since the pressing motion will keep the shadow from falling onto your cheeks (Urban Decay Half Baked)
  7. Fill in brows using MAC Lingering -- I need to get this product. I'm head over heels in love.
  8. Apply MAC Russian Red Matte to lips (I used an angle brush to sketch in a cupid's bow)
  9. For cheeks, I applied MAC Lustre Drops (in the lighter colour...can't remember what it's called) using this technique

Wisdom Teeth Update:  I'M SO HUNGRY.  I'm actually already eating solid food but every time I do, the soreness comes back with a vengeance.

Happy GOBBLE Day!


  1. Hope your teeth feel better!

    That gold is GORGEOUS!

  2. that gold looks amazing!!!!!!!! love it!

    xo Jackie

  3. Love the gold, seriously the best eye look on everyone.

    Hope your mouth/teeth heal up fast! I don't blame you for eating too soon, I totes would, too!!

  4. Very, very cool. I can't think of an occasion where I would be able to pull off gold liner, but it looks great here!

  5. @The Blonde @ Stylish3 I think it would be a great option for nighttime -- it's a nice change from a neutral black liner