Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Duwop Payoff

Remember this look?  No?  Well just one more time, here it is:

I picked this up in a Gone but Not Forgotten bin at Shopper's Drug Mart for $10.  I think I need to go back and get another one.

I decided to try it on a few differently-priced shadows.  I'm using Joe Fresh shadow in Faded Violet, Revlon Matte eyeshadow in Venetian Blue, the green side from NARS Rated R and a random pink from the BH 120 Palette, first edition.

Swatched dry

Top: Swatched dry
Bottom: Swatched with DuWop Payoff

Middle: Swatched with Duwop Payoff
Bottom: Swatched with water

L-R: Dry, Duwop Payoff, Water

I don't know why my camera is suddenly performing so extraordinarily, but all the colours look rather vibrant in the photos.  Still, I hope you can see a minor difference between each row.

I found that it didn't make much of a difference for the NARS shadow -- the pigmentation and colour stayed more or less the same between all three swatches.  It made a huge difference for the BH 120 Palette and the Revlon Matte shadow though; both colours got way brighter and more opaque.  Joe Fresh's Faded Violet was rather opaque to begin with, but mixing it with Duwop Payoff or water made it much creamier.  I also found that the water made it more pink-based, but you can't tell in the photos.

In a pinch, you could substitute water -- especially if you use a high end shadow.   There is, though, a certain kick of pigmentation that water can't give you.  For $10?  I'm really glad I got it.  For $17?  Maybe.  But I'd probably just get a better shadow.

Quick tip: when you wet your shadow, wet it at the edge of the pan so it won't crack as easily after it dries.


  1. That blue is amazing! I love the makeup :)

  2. I've done the water-on-the-eyeshadow trick before, but I definitely didn't know there was a product that would give me the same punch! Great tip with using the edge of the pan. I definitely haven't been doing that - oops!