Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"54 Days until Christmas" Favourites

I've recently realized how close we are to December.  Apparently my way to deal with that is to purchase things?  Anyway, of those things, here are the ones I've been reaching for.

I loooooove favourite anything!


  1. Stop, stop, STOP the madness! I have the SAME thing written in my draft (yeah, draft, don't judge!) of my October favorites....literally it says "or as I'd like to see it, '54 days until Christmas'" -- it's official, we're awesome. BUT you're awesome-er because you posted first, go you blogger buddy!

  2. Your blog has some fun content but I'd just like to say..."the procrastinator" seems really controlling. You don't seem to let Tod speak at all - it's a little off-putting.

  3. @Anonymous Thanks for commenting =) I am TOTAL control freak haha!