Monday, November 28, 2011

A moment on the lips, forever on...

...your cuticles.

I was playing around in my lipgloss stash this weekend and found not one, but two tubes of C.O. Bigelow My Favourite Lip Balm.  I never usually repurchase something like lip balm (unless it's changed my life like this one one or this one) because I have such an A.D.D.iction to them.

I remember picking this one up when Bath and Body Works had one of those 3 for 2 type deals, and after deciding that I'D over-backed-up ( there such a thing?) my Mentha Lip Tints, I'd take the impulse plunge and attempt something new.  Of course, that almost never happens =P.

Thing is, this was about a year ago -- I thought I liked this balm, but apparently somewhere along the line, it just dropped off my radar.  I reapplied and I realized why.  This is exactly that sort of liquid-y, non-sticky balm/gloss combination that I hate.  I think it was thicker when I first bought it, but maybe with time it lost a little molecular integrity? No idea.  Either way, it was an adequate moisturizer, but nothing impressive or spectacular.

Either way, I wiped it off quickly with my fingers and absent mindedly rubbed it into my cuticles.  A couple minutes later I realized that it had completely absorbed.  Just for luck, I tried one more time.

A new cuticle oil?  That's what I call shopping your stash.


  1. I think i'd like this. :) I love balm/gloss hybrids.

  2. I sometimes use lip balm as cuticle cream or even on my hands if they're super dry in the winter. I've never tried this particular brand, though.

  3. I don't actually /like/ lip gloss or lip balm...but now I suppose I'll be looking to try them on my hands. Should be an interesting experiment.