Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please Refrain

Tod says I am no longer allowed to bring any of the following into our house.

Lip Products
Neutral Eye Shadow

I'm not sure I agree with this new arrangement.

My attempt at an excuse:
....most of the mascaras everything was purchased at the L'Oreal warehouse sale?


  1. Blogger twin that is QUITE the collection of neutral shadows, I am jealous! Is TOD taking inventory? If not, you could maybe sneak some more in! haha

  2. WOW. That is a LOT of product. I knew about the lipgloss/lipstick overload, but didn't realize you had that same problem with ALL beauty products, haha!

  3. You need to go to rehab woman! haha :)

  4. @Superficial Sanctuary She ALWAYS notices when I sneak something in there. It's fully like, ...have I seen that before? Clearly I just don't have enough product for something new to hide in!

    @The Blonde @ Stylish3 Not just beauty either. One day, when our relationship can handle it, I'll show you my dresses LOL.

    @Vintage Makeup I REALLY do!