Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick Tip: Moisturized Matte Lip

Don't you just hate it when you try and film a video and it just doesn't work for you?  Even on the 11th take?Yeah, that was me with this blog post.

But don't you hate it even more when despite your best preemptive moisturizing action, your lips dry out the instant you put a matte lipstick on and chunks of brightly coloured lip flake off your mouth?  Me too.

One way people combat this flaky curse is by applying a thick layer of lip balm underneath their lipstick.  To them, I say, nay!

I understand conditioning your lips before you start your makeup in hopes that all the product will have absorbed by the time you get to your lips, but I highly advise against putting more product on just before your lipstick.


Bright lips = high maintenance lips.  I never wear a bright lip unless I'm fairly certain I'm going somewhere that I won't be drinking, eating, whistling or talking.  Alas, sometimes you are subject to a group-whistle rendition of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.  You never know.

One way to give yourself more time between reapplying is to stain your lip with the colour you're wearing.  If you put a lip balm on immediately before, the colour will not stain into your lips.  So to put the moisture back in, I suggest...putting lipbalm on after you apply your colour.  What is this??

Hear me out.  Take a really waxy balm like the ones from EOS or Burt's Bees.  This is not the time for a Philosophy balm, Kiehl's #1 or Nivea Essential.  You want something extremely solid.  Lightly rub some of the product off on your finger and press (PRESS) it into your lip, as rubbing the product in will take all the colour off.  Sure, it might be more annoying when you take a sip of your drink, but at least it won't migrate to the outline of your lips à la 90s nude-lip-dark liner-trend.  You know the one.

Also taking this moment to debut Tod's new hair!

On Tod: MAC Flare! (LE) from Glitter and Ice


  1. Great tip! I definitely have that problem a lot (i.e., my color doesn't last because I put on too much slick lip moisturizer).

    Have you tried any lip exfoliators? I saw one advertised and was curious about whether it would be worth the money. Can't remember hte brand.

  2. Im always so paranoid to wear bright lips- I cant handle it- a stain is as hardcore as I get!

  3. @The Blonde @ Stylish3 There was one by philosophy that felt soooo good -- but honestly, market lip exfoliators won't do much that aquaphor and sugar won't do. I'd rather save the money on a lip exfoliant and treat myself to a really lush lip conditioner since that stays on your lips for much longer. Hope that helps!

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