Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Gift #1

My birthday was this Monday (yes...I am anxiously awaiting the year my birthday falls on 12/12/12 -- AWESOME) and Tod got me a MAC quad I mentioned to her ages ago when we were playing with Russian Red one day.

I just realized that I should have done a before and after.

I told her that the first 'real' make up I ever bought was from MAC.  I was 13 and exploring Manhattan with my family and my mom finally decided that it was time for me to start playing with colours!  I think I've mentioned before that my first gloss was Nymphette, which I still adore to this day, but I never mentioned what colours were in my first quad.  Hint?  Not the ones in the photo above.  I had Brun, Juxt, Motif and a midtone pinky-purple whose name I can't remember...honestly, it could have been discontinued for all I know.  Either way, I never actually got through all those colours, but my first quad came to an unfortunate end when I dropped it and all of the colours shattered.  I think I was able to rescue Motif, but...I'm not sure what happened to the remnants.

Anyway, that was incredibly sweet of her to recreate my first palette, but of course I had to exchange them because...I'm a jackass (amongst other things)?  Before I even said anything she told me I could exchange them. 

New quad, counterclockwise from the upper right hand corner: Motif (I couldn't let that one go, I'd been lusting after it for AGES), Trax, Deep Truth and Humid.

God, I love MAC names.


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