Friday, December 23, 2011

Joe Fresh Lip

A Joe Fresh opened up near my work around two months ago, and even though it's in the opposite direction from where I live, I find myself perusing it "on my way home."  I've tried a couple things from the Joe Fresh collection before; the eyeshadow was nothing to write home about, but you know how much I like their nail polish.

I was swatching some of the lipsticks and this one particularly called my name with it's uberbright, blue-based, neon goodness.  Of course, I had to do a look.

You remember Peruana, don't you?

Joe Fresh Cream Lipstick in Baie Sauvage.  Available at Joe Fresh stores or Loblaws for $6.

Keep reading for the rest of the look!

  1. I used Lush's Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow with an EcoTools foundation brush to even out her skin. 
  2. Then I went in with the same brush and a little Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation SPF 20 in #25  to correct any blemishes and dark circles. 
  3. Note about the Vichy Dermablend:  A little goes a long way, so I wouldn't even squeeze any out of the tube -- just take what's on the tube opening.

4. Lightly contour the cheekbone with TheBalm's Bahama Mama and highlight with MAC Eyeshadow in Motif.  I used the same brush for both because I'm lazy.  Which brush, you ask?  This one.

5. From the Urban Decay Naked palette:  I used Buck to really, reaaaaaally contour her lids and Sin as an inner corner highlight.  Brush:  MAC 217
6. Lined the upper water line with Mayelline Master Drama in Bold Brown and add two coats of Lash Stiletto
7. I roughly brushed MAC Lingering through the ends of her brows to lightly emphasize the shape.

8.  Using an angled brush, fill in the lip with with Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage

Final look!


  1. Lurrrrrve that Joe Fresh color!!

    ps. thanks for your last comment! Come back soon, I dare you. haha.

    Happy Holidays!
    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  2. I love the lipstick! so pretty on you. so funny - I love how you said it's not on your way home but you go that way anyway...sounds like me! xo

  3. @Makeup Majesty This is actually a friend of mine, but I'll let her know! =)

  4. I love that color! I don't think I could upll off something that bright, but it looks great on your friend.