Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Wondering...

For my birthday party tomorrow, I think I've decided that I'm going to wear these Kiss Lashes.

See those red strings?  The idea is that you can use them to help get the lashes really close to your lashline.  I can get behind that; sometimes I've put the glue on and I'm trying to slide it down my eyelid and my fingers are just too large to position them close enough...I get it.

Now, I've never tried them and I haven't really done a whole lot of research, but everyone seems to be really happy with the extra stringy bit.

My question is: ...does no one else trim their lashes?  Like, how would that work in this case?  The threads appear to be looped around the final knot on either side of the lash band so...everyone who's reviewed it just happens to have the same width eye?  I would blame it on my narrow Asian eyes, but I usually trim off a couple of knots even for Tod.



  1. I have a pair of these! I never used the strings though.

    My suggestion is..

    Remove the string from the side you're going to trim, and once you've trimmed it put the string on that end.

    To my recollection the string wasn't tied on or anything, it was just bent down the center, and slid on the end of the lash.

    If not then you can always do a loose knot where you've trimmed, and just don't put glue there. When you attach the front of the lash remove the string, and glue that part down. Of course this depends on what end you trim.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Do you trim both sides? It looks like there are strings on both sides, so as long as you only rim one side you should still have one string to hold on to.. may not work as well as being able to slide with both strings, though.