Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'd tap that.

And so would you.

(I never mean to be weird, it just comes off that way)

A little quick technique tip!  Good for highlighter, intensely pigmented products and Procrastinatory study breaks.

Happy hump day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Hair Routine

I get that the sun's supposed to nourish everything and that we wouldn't be here without it, but must it be so harsh on my hair?  And when I say harsh...I mean harsh.  I have pretty thick strands that are heavily pigmented so in terms of hair: I'm not unfortunate.  If my hair is ever damaged, you can bet that I'm the one torturing it to death.  Then this summer came upon us.

I've never experienced heat like this in my life.  Bear in mind that I've been to Hong Kong and Thailand at the height of July -- it's not this hot.  I've been to almost every island in the Caribbean -- it's not this hot.  In Toronto, we've come scarily close to breaking our heat record and my personal heat tolerance record.  I can deal with being sticky and sweaty and unable to breathe when I'm outside simply because I can usually find a kind movie theatre where I can cool down and inhale.  Not so for my hair.

I've never said this before, but I actually think the sun may be causing my hair damage.

I touched it the other day and it felt like straw.  I recently got it trimmed and oil-treated and I haven't touched a curling iron/blow-dryer/flatiron since so...what's the issue?

This goddamn sun.

Proctor and Gamble trying to scare me into buying their products:
Nice try.

It's made me take on a hair routine like I never have before.

I only wash my hair every three or four days, but I've taken to combing coconut oil from ROOT to TIP as a pre-shower treatment.  I leave it in for as long as I can (usually an hour while I putter and eat breakfast) and then shampoo it out.  Instead of conditioner, I'm using the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque, mixed with the Healing Oil Treatment.  I would use a conditioner if I thought it'd help, but I feel like your hair can only take so much while its being beaten down by water.

And for good measure, I rub a little of the Healing Oil into my ends and right before it dries, put in a dime-size amount of Chi Silk Infusion.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fade to Black.

Or at least a blackened green.  Black never shows true on my nails.

I used...
Base coat : Poshe Top Coat because I couldn't find my base coat.
Thumb : OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
Index : Illamasqua Rampage
Middle : OPI Jade is the New Black
Ring : Illamasqua Elope
Pinky : China Glaze Tree Hugger
Top Coat : Essie Matte About You

Happy weekend!  This is kind of exciting, blogging from my phone!  Potential Sephora trip together?  I think yes. Let me know what you think ;-)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mermaid Look Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for this look from last weekend -- first inspired by Lauren Conrad's new tie-dye hair, but officially renamed my Mermaid look!  A reader requested this so of course I had to put it up!  Thanks for requesting, Emily!

Things you'll need:
Tools: Fingers, blending apparatus, fluffy blush/powder brush
Eye: Aqua, pink, purple, champagne, silver/gray, liner
Cheek: Bright pink, highlight
Lip: Coral lipstick, high-shine pink gloss

What I used:
Tools: Fingers, MAC 224, EcoTools Powder Brush
Eyeshadows: Aqua/Pink/Purple from BH 120 Palette (1st Edition); Silver/Champagne from Bella Pierre 9-Stack Shimmer in Pandera; Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip Gel Liner for Brown Eyes
Blush: MAC Overdyed; Too Faced Silk Teddy eyeshadow
Lip: Mac Pro LipCreme in Good to Go, NARS Schiap, Shiseido Maquillage Lipgloss in RS525

Have a good weekend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

SPF Sacrilege

How'd this happen?  Someone didn't listen while we filmed this video or this video.

The events that lead to this?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

Take them off and try again.

My first attempt at lashes!
Just one!

Tod never camwhored in high school so she's getting it out of her system now

I thought this was so funny -- the lash is actually holding back a couple strands of hair!

Ardell Black 110
Duo Lash Glue - Clear

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was so inspired by Lauren Conrad's tie-dye hair that I decided to do the same thing.


Kidding.  I would never.  I'm not cool enough.

Buuuut I can do it on Tod!  On her eyes at least.  I think she'd kill me if I secretly dyed her hair while she was sleeping.  But for a fun night out, here's a really last-minute look.

Without flash, so you can see what she actually looked like

I wanted a really messy, watercolor-y look so I used all fingers and a 224 brush.  I also marbled two lipsticks together to get that sort of tie-dye feel before topping with a gloss.  Let me know if you'd like a proper tutorial and I'll have it up by Monday!

EDIT: Tutorial is here!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fight Oil with Oil

After my mini-spiel about fighting oil with oil the other day, I've been thinking (and Googling).  So there's this thing called the Oil Cleansing Method and the idea is that you mix whatever oil works for your skin into castor oil and it'll fight grease and unclog pores more effectively than any other cleanser on the market.  Alright, why not?
NOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce                   Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)
Of course I'm lazy so I didn't want to run out and get castor oil, i.e. I had two options, Coconut and Jojoba.

Coconut oil I use on my hair -- before I found the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, I used to warm up coconut oil, leave it in my hair for about an hour and shampoo it out.  I got this tip from a girl in New York last summer; she caught my eye while I was getting a coffee and I fully left my Starbucks unattended to chase after her and ask about her hair routine.  I'm fairly certain she's stopped taking the train to avoid people like me.

I also started using it on my face but I'm kind of on the fence.  It'll be really nice the first time I use it (I take the tiniest amount, smooth it over my face and let it soak in while I sleep) -- I'll wake up with the nicest, softest, glowiest skin but if I use it too often I think it breaks me out.  I'm not sure and it could be a total coincidence, but I'm still suspicious.

Last night I caught sight of a bottle of Jojoba oil in my medicine cabinet.  I have no recollection of how it got there or if I've even used it before, but in my Project X Pan-starved state, I'll try anything new.

I poured a few drops into my hand and massaged it onto my face over my makeup and really worked it in to dissolve it.  Then I remembered from that Oil Cleansing Method thing that you're supposed to soak a washcloth in hot water and let the steam work with the oil.  I don't use wash cloths so I used a heavy duty paper towel and pressed it into my face -- I kept going until I felt like the oil was gone and my skin didn't obviously have product on it anymore.  I meant to actually follow up with my regular skin routine but I fell asleep and didn't wake up until about an hour ago.

I did not realize until after I'd eaten breakfast that my skin was not greasy.  Lately, since it's been so hot outside, I've woken up with really greasy skin around my t-zone and it feels so gross.  I woke up this morning to really soft, hydrated skin that was not the slightest bit greasy or slick.  Miracle?  Possibly.

I'm a little apprehensive in terms of using this every day, but I think I'll slowly edge my way into it.  Has anyone else tried this before?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2nd-Degree Burn

Superficial Sanctuary, my dearest blog sister tagged me in two posts this week!  I apparently am both Versatile and in need of skincare.  Just kidding.

She's named me a Versatile Blogger, and I'm supposed to share 10 random facts about myself, but I think in the video'll learn more about Tod and me than you ever wanted.  Stay tuned for mentions of an apple pie law suit.

She also tagged me to do a Top 10 Skincare tag which I jumped on -- I love these tags, so I'm tagging everyone who reads this to share 10 (or as many as you feel like!) products.  No need to do a video (although I wouldn't mind in the least), just a little note would be awesome -- particularly if you have any good eye cream/gel or moisturizer recommendations.

Anyhoo - a gigantic thank you to Superficial Sanctuary who just started doing videos as well!  She's funny and her thoughts are much more organized than mine. Go check her out now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Another Tuesday...

I never posted this tutorial because only after I filmed ALL OF IT did I's way too dark to see anything.  It was heartbreaking.

But I thought you might enjoy this little snippet because...well, because I did.  This is how TOD is in real life.


And in case you're interested in how the hair turned out at the end, here are some photos!

Right after I took the pins out...

And after I brushed it out...

She also sent me a photo with the next morning, but I don't know how to get it out of my texts!  Anyone? Anyone at all??

Monday, July 11, 2011

So I cheated...

And bought something before actually finishing 10 products.

From Girls in High Heels

Seriously.  And I purchased...
Tanda Zap

It was about three weeks ago when I fell off my skincare routine and even just getting back to it wasn't helping me.

My skin:  It's combination/greasy skin and when I break out, they're not just pimples.  It's full-on cystic acne.  As in, the kind that possibly stays for about a month, swells like gooseberries and potentially starts filling up with old blood so you look like you have a giant bruise on your face.  That kind.

So I'd gotten two in the hollow of my cheek and I knew -- I just knew they wouldn't go away.  I occasionally get some of those "good" breakouts that go away after a few days (yeah...I call that good), but it definitely wasn't the case.

I'd been thinking about the tanda for a while, and I figured for $49 CAD plus tax, why not?  I've bought more expensive things that promise a lot less.  I brought it home, put in the included AAA batteries (which just died, i.e. they are useless or this thing guzzles battery juice like Carrie Bradshaw x Cosmopolitans), and went to town.

It works like this:  put it flush against your face, hit the orange button and you have 30 seconds to decide whether or not you want to go through with it.  That is, there are 1000 uses in this tiny gadget, so as long as you don't go over the 30 second mark, you won't technically have used one.  Otherwise, should you decide to go through with it, you'll be hitting your skin with 2 minutes of blue light and minor heat.  I'm always a little scared that this thing will burn me but it hasn't so far.  Irrational fear!

Anyway, it says in the pamphlet that it's not meant to work on cystic acne (nothing ever is), but it solidly took mine down after six days.  As in, all swelling was gone, my skin was smooth, but it was a little red.  I used it on a slightly more normal breakout and by the 2nd day it was gone.  Entirely.

All in all, not a bad purchase!  Unfortunately, about five days after I won Blair's Claro giveaway, but they still have yet to email me about it, so maybe it's a good thing I got this.

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

EDIT:  I have made a short video that I think just communicates my point a million times better.  And I don't know if I actually share anything different than what I've written, but here you are Me, My Best and I -- an offering for my PXP sins!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tod's New Hair...Sneak Peek?

Oh fine, I'm just going to give it all up.  You twisted my arm.

Pardon the lack of "rest of video" -- my hairdresser Ken was being shy and refused to be in it.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Non-Date from Hell

EDIT: It has officially been 7 weeks since this hideous experience -- and if you recall, 7 weeks since I (The Procrastinator) came out on this blog.  This was written while I was still hiding behind Tod, so pardon the weird POV. It's also not beauty-related, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

You know what's awkward?  Explicitly stating to someone that the two of you are not going on a date and then having it turn into one.

I made a new Starbucks barista friend who wanted to try a new restaurant, at which my foodie self perked up.  Ooh, okay!  I am so naive.

A little background:  I recently broke up with my boyfriend and after a break up, I like to give myself some time to be single.  Also, I have a 6’2 and over policy -- that is, I won’t date anyone shorter than 6’2.   I met this boy four days after I ended things and for good measure, he barely brushed 5’8.  To cover all my bases, I made sure to verbally (aloud and in text) ascertain that:

Me: "This is not a date.  We're just going as friends right?"
Him:  "Right."

I am so naive.

He also told me that he likes girls who don't wear make up.  I happened to be going make up free the day we met, so I figured to really hammer in this friend thing, I'd put on as much as I possibly could.  Of course, I forgot foundation, but that's neither here nor there.  Here's what I got:

It started with me grabbing my BH 120 palette and my Lancome Artliner and smearing on as much as I could,  continued with an incorrectly coloured brow pencil to give myself the unruliest brows I could muster and ended with a bright orange lip, courtesy of MAC Pro.  I took a step back and was like, Damn...this is kind of editorial!  Post??

Then the whole evening became such a farce that I had to elaborate - it would have been gossip sacrilege to keep it all to myself.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project X Pan Update!

A few more things to share with you!  I didn't finish all these things today, but I've been saving them up for a while to show you.

  • Boots Cucumber Cleansing Wipes - I found these when I was in Ireland a couple of summers ago and I've been addicted ever since.  I don't think I'll be able to get them anymore since I've lost my Irish outlet, but here's hoping my three extra packs will tide me over for some time!
  • Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque - I just love this way smells.  Seriously.  And combined with that healing die for.  And my hair has never been softer =)
  • Joico K-Pak Shampoo - I still really like this!  I'm not crazy about the scent or anything, but it makes my hair feel soooo clean.  Not sure if I have a back up somewhere, but I'm wondering if I should keep with this one or try a new one...any recommendations?
  • Nivea Soft - Lynn introduced me to this a while back.  If I haven't mentioned before, she has the most beautiful skin of anyone I've ever known.  And I mean beautiful.  It is the most gorgeous, glowy, olive-toned epidermis and it feels like freakin' SILK.   I pressed her for her beauty secrets but she doesn't even use a cleanser.  The only thing she uses?  Nivea Soft.  Why?  Because " feels like gentle summer rain."  That's what the commercial said.  I'm still not at Lynn-level of skin softness, but I have faith!

I've noticed that I'm not so great with finishing makeup products.  I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to finish a gloss or something.  Wish me luck!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rainbow Pride!

Yesterday was Toronto's Pride Parade - my first ever!  I showed you in this post a sneak preview of what I had planned and it's finally here!

This marks the first time I ever do a look on myself.  Good?  Bad?  We'll see
It also marks the first time I realize how hard it is to film yourself if you don't use a camcorder.

  • BH 120 1st Edition Palette
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil
Happy Pride!  And to my American readers, Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Quick Tip - Softest Hands in the World

I was going to do this in video form, but I'm running late on today's post.

I was doing the dishes the other day and I typically wash them with rubber gloves.  This time I happened to put hand creme on before I put on my gloves and when I took them off...

I can't even say it.

They were soft beyond imagination.


And I just used a really basic hand lotion, but imagine the possibilities - what if, what if, you used shea butter and coated them in a layer of petroleum jelly?  Imagine!

I wash my dishes in really hot water, so I think it's the heat that helped the lotion absorb in as well as it did.

Go do your dishes.