Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lazy Saturday: Glamour to Go

A friend of mine gave me this TooFaced Glamour to Go Palette for Christmas and I haven't gotten around to playing with it until today.

First, some product photos for your viewing pleasure!

...and now for swatches

I didn't do the lip glosses because....I forgot.

And a sneaky-peek look for you.

On Tod's eyes I used the olive and the plummy-brown shade mixed together on the lid, slightly extended beyond her natural eye and smudged a Styli-Style brown liner along the lashline.  On her cheeks I used the shockingly pigmented blush from this palette and the sheer plum gloss on the lip (lower left corner).


  • The shadows are not packed well -- there was an insane amount of fallout when I first coat with a normal shader brush.  I ended up packing on the colour with my fingers (HG) after I'd smudged on the liner.   There was also a lot of shadow that  got into the different wells, but a quick swipe with a big fluffy brush took all of the excess powder away.
  • The blush is, once again, SO pigmented.  It's a really warm-toned coral so I'd be careful with it -- I can see it making my skin look a little ruddy, but with careful application you should be able to avoid that.  
  • The gloss smells really sweet, not unlike MAC lip products.  The texture is really soft -- don't you hate when you get a gloss well and you can't get any of the product out because it's been so baked in there?  These are rather moisturizing, which is uncommon for palettes, and the colours are sheer enough that they'll work on anyone, but not so sheer that you can't tell the difference between them once they're on.
  • This is such a tiny compact!  If I were cleverer, I would have put the compact next to a standardized object for you to compare, but an estimated guess tells me the whole thing measures 3.5'' x 2.5'' x 0.5''.  It's small enough to toss into your desk at work.  I don't know that I'd travel with it because the colours are not different enough from each other to create too many distinct looks, but it's nice for a mid-afternoon colour refresher.
All in all, this is a fun addition to my collection -- I can see it being good for a morning after ;-).


  1. I love having mini things like this to keep on me for those touch-up moments. I may have to check this one out. I have Too Faced's leopard-to-go set (I think is its name) which is a bronzer, blush, and highlighter in one. It's great for basic touch-ups, check it out!

  2. I absolutely loved your "morning after" post! I just read it and it made me laugh :D You do have a remedy for convenience!

    This palette looks amazing on you! I don't have much Too Faced products, but I love the mirror and the blushes it comes with :D

  3. Really great and thorough review! Too bad you're not super happy with it but you're right it would make a great "morning after" basic :P