Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Beauty So Clean Brush Cleanser

Beauty So Clean has popped up here and there on my beauty radar, but I always figured it was one of those things that in order to procure, I'd have to go to IMATS or find a specialty makeup artist's shop (although...we have both those things here in Toronto, so I have no idea why I'm making such a big deal out of it.  It's 9 am.)

In the weeks before Christmas I was wandering around The Bay (not a specialty makeup artist's shop...must have more faith in our local suppliers...) and came across a tiny display of Beauty So Clean.

They're famous for their disinfectant sprays -- you can sanitize your actual makeup and not just your brushes.    I never thought about it, but it makes sense.  Why not just use alcohol, you ask?  I can see that After careful examination...the disinfectant was nowhere to be seen.  There was, however, a brush cleanser!  Why not?


So after a few weeks, I feel that I can honestly review this product for you without being accused of "just hatin'"  (I'm looking at you, Twilight.  Yes, I've read them all and I still don't get it).  But here's my opinion: it sucketh.

The 125 mL/4.2 fl oz bottle was on sale for $9.99, so the price is not bad, but even that does little to sway my opinion.  I've tried it on a number of brushes, both synthetic and natural, dense and fluffy, high end and cheap, and it's not done a single thing for any of them.

Trying to remove MAC Overdyed blush from my 187 brush took at least 1/8 of the bottle, and still nothing.  I still had pink in the white goat fibres.  Trying to remove lipstick from my Urban Decay shadow brush was a nightmare I won't even go into.  Not to mention I almost feel like it made my brushes splay more than I'm used to.

Product rating?  D.  Don't bother.

You're better off going with a brush cleanser from Clinique (so far, my favourite) or one from Sonia Kashuk.  In fact, the sample one I got from buying the Sonia Kashuk beautyblender dupe lasted me three times as long as BSC's -- despite being less than half the size and not a specialty product.

Maybe the disinfectant would be better?


  1. "it sucketh" hahaha! Love your honesty. :)

    I just use half water half alcohol as a spot cleaner for my brushes.

  2. I love Twilight and BeautySoClean brush cleaner!!! I use the wipes for lipsticks and mascara; keeps them gunk free and the brush cleaner I use daily and a deep clean weekly.

    How could you read four whole books........... and then say they sucketh (you are entitled, thats cool) but you have to admit Stephanie Meyer tossed the vampire world on it's butt!

  3. I have been using BeautySoClean for about a year now and I am so glad I came across such great products! The brush cleanser I use for a quick clean if I don't have time to use shampoo and wait over night to dry.

    As for the mist and the wipes, awesome! I love lipstick and since using beautysoclean I don't get cold sores like I use too.

    Not much of a fan either of Twilight. Watched the first movie. It was okay.

  4. I enjoyed the last movie too; but the books were much better. They always are. I've used Sephora's brush cleaner too, but I prefer the beautySoclean one.