Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Giorgio Armani 400

I mentioned this in my last post, but I realized that I don't wear this proportionately to the amount that I love it.  Hence, I shall review it and hope that your comments will inspire me to wear it more!

In this photo it looks kind of brown, but it honestly changes from person to person and light to light.  Weird and fantastically magical.

Price: $36 CAD.  Don't judge me.  Not that this makes it any better but...Tom Ford's is $55.  So there.

Colour:  I LOVE.  It's a glossy, mildly blue-toned opaque red. It's a darker red, but not as dark as MAC Viva Glam I.  This is not a colour for the faint of heart -- there is absolutely nothing see-through or subtle about this red.  Think of it as straight-up sex in a tube, for you old Hollywood vixens.

When I swatched it on my hand, I made that "Oooooh!" sound that comes exclusively with a great find.  Tod and I had swatched at least 20 reds that day, but despite the redness overload, this one stood out.  The pigmentation, colour and richness of the colour just leapt off my hand.  I immediately seized Tod's arm and swatched it on her.  Equally beautiful.

Texture: It's a smooth, buttery, moisturizing formula.  It swatches creamier on the hand than it does on the lip, so the first time I put it on, I thought it felt dry.  Once you move it over your lip surface though, you'll realize how quickly the formula breaks down into a creamier texture.  I find this lip stick a lot less drying than any of my MAC ones (one of the perks of paying almost twice as much).  The finish is extremely glossy, but I usually powder it and it goes matte in two layers.

Wear: I don't need a liner or a base with this, but then, I don't ever need a liner -- except with super-creamy lipsticks, like NYX Electra.  That's so creamy you can't even close your mouth without smudging it.  Not so with this one.  It sticks on your lip in a way that feels like it won't go anywhere and believe me, it doesn't.  This wears wonderfully well; I can have a drink and it won't smudge too much and even if it does come off, the colour stains the lip and the leftover stain is almost as pigmented as the lip colour itself.  Short of eating really greasy food, the stain won't go anywhere either.

Dupe Comparison:  Electra is about the same intensity, with a hint more orange.  Viva Glam I is much more brown and matte and slightly more opaque.  Tempt is much less red -- it comes off downright pink next to it, but the base colour is quite close.  Such Flare! is closer to Electra, but shares some off the same base colour the 400 -- Such Flare! wears more matte than the 400, but less matte than Viva Glam I.

Just to show you how different it can be on different people, I'll put up a post soon with a bunch of people wearing it.  Soon, I tell you!


  1. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)

  2. love it!