Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On my Vanity: Perfumes

I'm terrible at perfume.  I can't describe scents properly, I have no idea what sandalwood or musk are, let alone what they're supposed to smell like.  And more often than not, I'm that person going, "...I don't smell anything."

I usually end up picking scents based on the names of their ingredients -- anything that says patchouli or bergamot, I'm there.  I like the way that word looks.  Other times, I'll actually find something I like and it's enough for me.  The only thing I know I don't like is anything that says Chanel No. 5, because that smells like a recently embalmed alcoholic.

Whatever scents I do choose, I end up never wearing them.  It's kind of like me and jewelry -- I just never think about it.  I'll put together an outfit, but accessories that are not shoes just don't occur to me.  It's not like makeup where I'm simply too lazy to put my face on, I just don't think about it.  It's pretty hideous habit to have, averaging at $70/mL.  Hideous.

Here they are, in no particular order!

La Prairie Silver Rain 
This was the first perfume I bought in university, and possibly my third perfume purchase ever.  My mom uses the LP skincare line and they'd given her a sample.  Honestly, I think the reason I liked the sample so much was that it was a mini version of this silver teardrop.  The scent itself I like, but it's quite a nighttime scent -- all powdery and vanilla-y.  It leans a little mature, so I don't wear it that much. 
apple (...really?), anise, bergamot (!), gardenia, magnolia, jasmine, patchouli leaves (ha!), vanilla and musk.

Hanae Mori Butterfly
When I went on makeupalley.com to see what people said about this perfume, there was all this kerfuffle about a blue box or a pink box.  Mine came with blue butterflies.  I think that means it's Eau de Parfum.  I heard about this from a profile on Jessica Stam, a Canadian model, so I decided to buy it without even trying it.  I'm that girl.
strawberries, bilberries, black currant, bulgarian rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, almond, praline (LOVE)

Bathwerks Sugar Cookie
This is everything I've ever wanted.  It legitimately smells like cookies.  Every time I wear it, someone always goes, "...why does it smell like pastry?"  Because creamed butter and sugar is the best thing to happen to humankind, that's why.
Sugar cookie?

Dior Miss Dior Cherie
Apparently this is everyone and their mother's favourite perfume.  I don't blame them.  I feel so clean when I use it.  Even though I think it's supposed to be marketed towards a younger woman, I can't help but get a "grown-up" feeling from the scent.  Unlike the first three perfumes on this list, this is the lightest-smelling.  All the others are kind of heavy and gourmand-y, but this is just...light.
bitter orange, gardenia, white musk (seriously, what is musk?)

Pacifica French Lilac
What, a fifth?  If you look behind Miss Dior Cherie, there's a little purple container hiding there.  That's a solid perfume from Pacifica.  Sidenote: I'm totally lemming their Egyptian Bergamot Rose candle.  Anyway, I love the smell of lilacs, and if I could drown myself in that scent, I would definitely wear perfume every day.  This is the closest I've come to an actual lilac scent.  Most of the time they're too synthetic.

Some scents I'm lemming?  I just broke my Ralph Lauren Romance rollerball, so I wouldn't mind replacing that.  That's quite a good scent as well for every day -- it's even lighter than Miss Dior Cherie.  I also want Armani's Acqua di Gioia which communicates one word: FRESH.

Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness/Lover Day!


  1. I really want to try Dior Miss Dior Cherie and Prada Candy but I neglect my perfumes too so I will probably wait

    1. I always make myself a deal that I can make a purchase when I completely finish one...doesn't work haha!

  2. lol single awareness day :D