Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Skincare: Toner

I'm fairly certain that one point, I had about three toners going.  Remember that Kiehls Calendula one?  Then I think I finished it and filled it with rosewater or something equally organic/natural/look-at-me-I'm-paraben-free.

I'm kind of meh about toners.  I honestly have no idea if they do anything for me, I just know that it's something I've always done.  Ideally, they're supposed to help prep your skin for what comes afterwards and make sure that your cleanser is completely gone.

How I like to use toner:  I like to rinse of my cleanser than spritz it onto damp skin.  No drying in the house!  Afterwards, I'll put on whatever treatment straightaway and seal it all in with my moisturizer.  I never let my toner (or any remaining water) air-dry because the evaporation process will take some of your skin's moisture with it.  The way to combat it is to dry your face or to seal in the dampness with a product.

A few months ago, my skin was breaking out like crazy and there are just way too many toners on the market for me to go around testing them all while my skin was in dire need of help.  My MO is to go home remedy when you can't decide on a product.  The lovely MakeUpAlley people were crucial when it came to my decision to go with apple cider vinegar.  Some other options were peroxide (which I'm too scared to use), or a bunch of essential oil + water combinations I couldn't be bothered to try.

I mix mine from any brand that's labelled organic and on sale at Whole Foods.  I'm not too careful about the measurements, but I started with it full strength.  I don't think it had any adverse reactions, per se, but it smelled really strong so I ended up diluting it and decanting into a spray bottle.  If you watch my quick toner tip, a spray bottle works much better for that method.  I think I do about 3:1 or 2:1, depending on how much filtered water I've got on hand.

I've been using this about four months now and I'm really enjoying it.  I keep mine in the fridge so it's nice and cooling, but Bragg's doesn't necessarily need to be refrigerated.  Some brands say they do need to be refrigerated though, so watch out for that.  I'm thinking of adding a slightly less harsh version to my routine, like one of those Evian aerosol water things.  Am I crazy to pay for compressed water?


  1. hahahhaa, no! I paid for Evian aerosol already. And I bought Avene and a Swiss brand from my beautician too! =PPP

    Well, I really don't think they work at all. But you know, sometimes bloggers just get to me.

    1. Ooh I've also looked at the Avene one. Damn that Garance :P

      I totally agree with you about the blogosphere -- best word of mouth there is :P