Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rotation Dilemma

I wish I remembered which blogger shared this idea, but it was something I read months ago and haven't given it thought since then.  It was something about how she traded out the contents of her makeup bag fairly regularly so she wouldn't ignore anything.  Brilliant, I say!

I've been thinking recently -- how would I do if I picked three or four items on Sunday night and used them until the next week?  Obviously I can't switch everything out -- it would be hard to change my foundation every week (although...I do have lots of it...) -- but say I used a different shadow palette every week?  Intriguing, no?  A sort of...Face of the Week, if you will.

Would love to hear any other tricks you guys have to rotate your products.  In the meantime, my products this week...

Eyes: Lancome Ombre Absolue Duo in Rose Luxe

Cheeks: Smashbox Blush/Softlights Duo in Split/Second

Lips: Nivea Milk and Honey, CoverGirl Lip Perfection in 310 Smitten

Check back next week to see how I did!


  1. i am intrigued to find out!
    i don't think i could do this myself, but it is certainly a very intereting concept to put our makeup more to use.;)

    1. Haha we'll see! It might be one of those things I'm good at for a few weeks then it suddenly dies.

  2. Great idea but I'm not sure if I could follow through with it every week.

    1. I can already feel myself being distracted by other lip colours!