Monday, April 30, 2012

what's in my carry-on liquids baggie?

A magical time has come right after finishing school and before working that I realize...I have nothing to do.  Like, actually nothing (except what I owe to you, dear reader!).  Thus my days have become long stretches of blog-reading, catching up on the last season of House and impulse purchases.  When I'm actually at home, I'm obsessively packing for an upcoming trip to Germany and Slovakia.

I have a golden rule when it comes to travel.  No checked luggage.  The only exception I will allow is a suitcase full of purchases on the way back.  On the way there, however, I refuse to check anything if I can help it.  That's why, for three weeks, I will be living off the contents of this bag.

Bags can be as large as 1 quart, and each individual item can be as large as 100 ml or 3 oz.  This is the type of thing that used to induce product panic, but I've learned that it's way more room than you think you need.

Left to Right:

Bumble & bumble Creme de Coco conditioner
Joico K-Pak Reconstruct conditioner
Macadamia Hair Oil*
Nuxe 3 Roses Lait Demaquillant*
Avene Eau Thermale
L'Essence d'Eau day moisturizer
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Bare Mint
MAC Lipglass in Nymphette
Lancome Definicils
Hand Sanitizer
*I decanted the hair oil and the cleansing milk into different-sized hand sanitizer bottles.  For more travel container ideas, click here.

Here it is, in its quart-sized glory.
 A few things...

  • If you can purchase anything in the country you're visiting, do it there.  Same goes if you're adventurous with your skin care.  That way, if you bring the products back with you it feels like your vacation lasts a little longer
  • If you have skin that's sensitive to product change, bring enough of your own product that you can help your skin acclimatize.  That is, switching back and forth from your old product to the new, or mixing in increasing ratios of product, however you like.
  • If your skin is sensitive to the environment, bring a standardized water with you.  In this case, I brought Eau Thermale, but you can bring any one you like.  The last time I was in Manhattan, the water wreaked havoc on my skin, but was great for my hair.  You win some, you lose some.
Coming up next?  All travel-related, because I can't think of anything else.  I leave in two weeks but my suitcase is legitimately ready to go.  Don't ask.


  1. Please check out my blog sale xoxo

  2. Thanks for the tips hun~ also... I wanted to mention that you MUST be psychic, cuz I've been trying to find the name for the portable perfume bottle travel thingy and google couldn't figure it out for me~ haha..

    1. Sephora also has their own brand, but this one's way more convenient :)

  3. btw... have a fun-filled trip :)

  4. You go girl!
    If you need anything I can already get beforehand, so you don't need to search everywhere, lemme know :)