Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In-flight beauty

While I'm aware that flying wreaks havoc on your skin and that everyone can understand that you've been through eight hours of hell, there is nothing I hate more than strolling through an arrivals hall looking like I've crammed my 5'10 self into a seat much more befitting of a 5'4 person.

 Before a flight, I like to thoroughly exfoliate everything (scalp, soles and feet included).  That way, anything you apply won't have to fight through dead skin to work.  Then, you get one of these babies...

Yes, I am that person.

Before you point and laugh, I have to say one thing: Moisture is key when you're flying.  Facial sprays are redundant.  There is no better way to dehydrate your skin on a plane than to leave a few droplets of liquid on the surface of your skin and wait for them to evaporate and take with it any moisture it encounters.  However, if you maintain that liquid balance for long enough, your skin will eventually absorb the moisture from the product.

Note: If you can't find these paper masks where you live, you can bring a facial spray but be sure to apply a thick layer of moisturizer immediately afterwards.

I want one of these for my bedside table.
Not so convenient for a flight, though.

During the flight, I drink water exclusively.  Never mind the evil dehydrating power of coffee, tea or alcohol, I don't drink anything marked "decaffeinated", "organic" or "sugar-free" either.  It's water or nothing.  I bring a water bottle with me so I can refill whenever I like and not make the airhosts hate me when I ask for a bottle every half hour.

Look how far that ground is!

Last thing: Don't open your window.  Why not?  A) It's intensely irritating for those trying to pass out with or without the help of narcotics/supplements and B)  You're suddenly 35000 feet closer to the sun.  If someone else opens their window, immediately apply SPF lest you wrinkle.


  1. OMG, There's a guy reading your blog!
    And yes, everyone can do with a thick hydrating mask on the plane. Even oily skinned people will find it'll have vanished completely anyway :)
    The cabin air is so drying..

    1. Right?? Even on my oily skin it only takes 20 minutes to disappear.

  2. I have a huge routine planned out for my upcoming flight. If you've got 8 hours to spare then why not?!

    1. Can't wait to read it! It's my favourite kind of post :)