Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOTD: 8 hour flight

Here are my issues with flights.
1) I freeze to death. I realize there are up to hundreds of people in one cabin full of recycled air but even with sleep aids, it's hard to fall asleep when your teeth chatter.
2) I like looking put together at an airport -- is there anything more hideous than people who wear fuzzy slippers to the airport?  Not only is it a public place where people from literally everywhere have come and gone, but it's a public place.  When did slippers become acceptable for anything outside of the spa or your bedroom??
3) I want to wear as much of my space-consuming wardrobe as I can.
4) I want to be comfortable.

How to go about this, you ask?


Thick socks
Just do it.  Your toes will thank me on that freezing plane ride.  I like the ones that hikers wear inside their boots.

I like this silk-wool scarf because it's that perfect blend of light and warm.  Otherwise, I usually bring a circle scarf that can double as a dress, but I felt it was too heavy this time.  One other good thing about the American Apparel circle scarves is that they double as sleeping bags or blankets if you're staying somewhere sketchy.

Travel bag
In other words, your best friend.  The purse I carry on with me is the one I use throughout the trip.  I typically choose something neutral, but if you've figured out your outfits beforehand, you could probably do a bright coordinating colour and call it colour blocking.  t took me a while to find this bag -- I wanted something that wasn't real leather so I wouldn't be too heartbroken every time it scuffed, and nothing I was too attached to in case I lost it.


 Layer 1

Top: T by Alexander Wang
I always start with a long tank top due to its versatility.  Here I've tucked it in, but it's long enough that it could be a tunic and I can change into leggings if I feel like it.

Bottom: Parasuco Jeans
I wear jeans onto the plane because they're usually my heaviest item of clothing. I know some people change into Lululemons or leggings onto the plane, but I can't be bothered to change in a tiny plane bathroom.

Shoes: Diba
Bring a shoe that you can lace, zip, button or close in some way.  I once wore platform loafers (I'm a 90s child) and couldn't put them back on to get off the flight because my feet were so swollen.  Again, try to wear the heaviest/largest shoes you can, so they don't cram up your suitcase. 

 Not to say that it's a good idea to wear your highest heels on the plane and leave your walking flats in your bag.  Not that I've never done that before and fallen on one of those moving sidewalks or anything.  Obviously.  

Also, don't wear flip flops.  You may misread your gate number and need to run.  Then fall when your toes get caught in the straps.  Not me, though.

Layer 2

That supremely awkward moment when
you're trying to take a photo of yourself putting a sweater on
 but you can't get through the armhole.
Sweater: Mendocino

Always, always, always bring a big sweater with you.  One of these drapey sweaters that were so popular in 2011 is perfect because you can wrap it a number of ways.  Three sweaters in one!

Layer 3

My friend insisted I include this photo
and try to edit it in such a way
that it looks like I'm not sitting on anything.
Blazer: Alexander Wang

Next I'll layer a blazer of sorts to keep the look polished.  This double-breasted Alexander Wang one is much more casual than I usually wear, but I packed a lot of dresses so I figured it would dress them down a little.  I LOVE the double layered cotton; it's so warm!  This also helps to keep your blazers from getting crushed in your suitcase, but saves you the douchiness of a garment bag for anything that's not a work/party 

(Fine, I used to carry a garment bag for this sort of thing.  Not anymore.

If necessary I'll bring a trench or some other type of overcoat, but I don't think I'll bother this time.
What does everyone else wear to stay warm and comfortable in a plane?


  1. noog, you should have become a model with your wild poses.

  2. is that bag the bucket bag with the double handle from Zara??/

    1. Yes! They also have a few other colours.

  3. Your sarcasm makes me love you. I just can't help it. Also, loved the airport incident stories. I travel for work sometimes and that means a whole different wardrobe than when I travel for vacation/fun. I usually have to be somewhere right after I get off the plane so I wear heels. One time one of the rubber (or whatever they are made of) things on one of my heels fell off and I was running to catch a connecting flight and I slid on my heel like a skater move and almost did the splits. I caught myself and didn't flash anyone but it was a near miss. *whew*

    1. You're a ninja! It's a million times harder to work around a work wardrobe when you're travelling, I don't know how you do it!