I love the yearly skin care round up.  Hell, I love skin care in general.  I truly believe that happy, beautiful skin is worth investing in -- you only get one skin!  Fair warning, it's a rambly video as opposed to the short, stylistic vids I've been releasing as of late, but when it comes to skin care, I have a lot to talk about.

Also, for the first time EVER in my entire blogging history, I'm doing a guest post!  I share my relationship with my skin over on my friend Gummy's blog, so amble on over there to say hi and show her some love!  She has the most incredible taste in makeup that I've ever seen, so go drool over her beautiful photography and ultra-high def swatches.

Between the video above and the article on Gummy's blog, this is the most intimate take on my skin ever.

Skin care posts are some of the most popular on my blog, so here are the most useful!  I apologize in advance for the hideous quality of the photos.

- Clarisonic vs Neutrogena Wave
- Clarisonic vs Neutrogena Wave Update
- Acne Skin Saviours

I also mentioned this on Gummy's blog, but you'll notice that I haven't included an eye cream. Beauty blogger confession time -- I haven't used one in over year *hangs head in shame*.  Recommendations, please!


  1. What a great routine! We have similar skin types (though mine is a bit more sensitive), so it's super helpful to hear what you're loving! Definitely curious about using lemon juice (I love a natural remedy) and the Renaissance Cleansing Gel is tops on my wishlist :)


    1. Natural remedies are SO bomb. It makes me feel less bad about spending on other areas of my skin!

  2. I have just posted on my blog a 2015 skin care routine you might be interested. Love you blog by the way.

  3. So much skincare *-*
    The only one I've tried from this stash is obviously the Antipodes mask, but that Neostrata mask SOUNDS AMAZING. I'd probably abuse that stuff and use it every week, l o l

    1. LOL I do it. My skin's pretty used to it now, if I don't do it it's like, dafuq?