Thursday, May 17, 2012

travel makeup bag

Hey lovelies! Tod and I arrived yesterday in Hamburg and the first thing I did was obviously not see the city, but write a post about the beauty items I brought with me for the next three weeks.  Unfortunately, after 40 minutes of phone typing I didn't hit save and lost everything.  Dagnabit.

Left to right, top to bottom!

1. MUFE HD Foundation in 123 depotted into MAC sample pot.
2. MAC Moisture Tint in NC35 in MAC sample pot
3. C.O. Bigelow Mentha LipTint in Bare Mint
4. Annabelle Smudge Pot in Skyline
5. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-3
6. Pacifica Solid Perfume in French Lilac
7. Lancome Definicils
8. MAC Nymphette
9. Dr. Brandt Pores No More primer in Sephora sample pot
10. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
11. Z-Palette, clockwise from top right: Benefit Dallas, Urban Decay Smog, MAC Copperplate, MAC Mulch, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Naked Lunch
12. IMAN Powder in #02
13. Tarte Matte Lipsurgence in Fiery
14. NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink
15. Pupa Baked Eye Shadow in 03 Warm
16. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 01 Black Fever
PS: I'll do my best to respond to comments on here/YouTube/Twitter, but it might take a wee bit longer than usual.  Also, may try to get in one last Tod tutorial for those of you who miss her!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOTD: 8 hour flight

Here are my issues with flights.
1) I freeze to death. I realize there are up to hundreds of people in one cabin full of recycled air but even with sleep aids, it's hard to fall asleep when your teeth chatter.
2) I like looking put together at an airport -- is there anything more hideous than people who wear fuzzy slippers to the airport?  Not only is it a public place where people from literally everywhere have come and gone, but it's a public place.  When did slippers become acceptable for anything outside of the spa or your bedroom??
3) I want to wear as much of my space-consuming wardrobe as I can.
4) I want to be comfortable.

How to go about this, you ask?


Thick socks
Just do it.  Your toes will thank me on that freezing plane ride.  I like the ones that hikers wear inside their boots.

I like this silk-wool scarf because it's that perfect blend of light and warm.  Otherwise, I usually bring a circle scarf that can double as a dress, but I felt it was too heavy this time.  One other good thing about the American Apparel circle scarves is that they double as sleeping bags or blankets if you're staying somewhere sketchy.

Travel bag
In other words, your best friend.  The purse I carry on with me is the one I use throughout the trip.  I typically choose something neutral, but if you've figured out your outfits beforehand, you could probably do a bright coordinating colour and call it colour blocking.  t took me a while to find this bag -- I wanted something that wasn't real leather so I wouldn't be too heartbroken every time it scuffed, and nothing I was too attached to in case I lost it.


 Layer 1

Top: T by Alexander Wang
I always start with a long tank top due to its versatility.  Here I've tucked it in, but it's long enough that it could be a tunic and I can change into leggings if I feel like it.

Bottom: Parasuco Jeans
I wear jeans onto the plane because they're usually my heaviest item of clothing. I know some people change into Lululemons or leggings onto the plane, but I can't be bothered to change in a tiny plane bathroom.

Shoes: Diba
Bring a shoe that you can lace, zip, button or close in some way.  I once wore platform loafers (I'm a 90s child) and couldn't put them back on to get off the flight because my feet were so swollen.  Again, try to wear the heaviest/largest shoes you can, so they don't cram up your suitcase. 

 Not to say that it's a good idea to wear your highest heels on the plane and leave your walking flats in your bag.  Not that I've never done that before and fallen on one of those moving sidewalks or anything.  Obviously.  

Also, don't wear flip flops.  You may misread your gate number and need to run.  Then fall when your toes get caught in the straps.  Not me, though.

Layer 2

That supremely awkward moment when
you're trying to take a photo of yourself putting a sweater on
 but you can't get through the armhole.
Sweater: Mendocino

Always, always, always bring a big sweater with you.  One of these drapey sweaters that were so popular in 2011 is perfect because you can wrap it a number of ways.  Three sweaters in one!

Layer 3

My friend insisted I include this photo
and try to edit it in such a way
that it looks like I'm not sitting on anything.
Blazer: Alexander Wang

Next I'll layer a blazer of sorts to keep the look polished.  This double-breasted Alexander Wang one is much more casual than I usually wear, but I packed a lot of dresses so I figured it would dress them down a little.  I LOVE the double layered cotton; it's so warm!  This also helps to keep your blazers from getting crushed in your suitcase, but saves you the douchiness of a garment bag for anything that's not a work/party 

(Fine, I used to carry a garment bag for this sort of thing.  Not anymore.

If necessary I'll bring a trench or some other type of overcoat, but I don't think I'll bother this time.
What does everyone else wear to stay warm and comfortable in a plane?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favourites and not-so-favourites

I don't know what's up with me this month, but I've had more trouble with products than usual!  Check out the video below and leave me any insight you may have!

Also, here are swatches of a couple things I mention in the video, it'll help them make more sense.

E.L.F. Blush and Bronzer Duo

 Shu Uemura Bowow! Magic Queen Palette in Takano
(from Holiday 2010, discontinued I believe)
Next to the blended cheek swatch is a tiny hint of the gloss/highlighter.
Yes, it's that faint in real life.

PS: Does anyone have any Dr. Hauschka recommendations for me?  Would love to hear them!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Tarte Lipsurgence matte lip tint

Envy, Exposed, Lively, Fiery

The name's a bit of a mouthful, but don't let that stop you from inquiring!

I picked up my first one of these around Christmas, and the other three recently joined my collection.  If you can see, Lively is weirdly proportioned.  Its cap is also different -- I'm not sure what happened there.

Fiery, Lively, Envy, Exposed

Fiery: Red.  Just red.  Not tomato, not brick, not vermillion, not blood-red, not blue-red, not fire-engine-red.  Pure red and only red.  I'm wearing it in my foundation roundup and a recent haul.

Lively: Bright fuschia that's not too blue-based.  And it doesn't oxidize red like NARS Schiap does.  This was the first one I purchased.  Looks GREAT with a brown smokey eye.

Envy: Is it brown?  Is it berry?  Is it plum?  All three, depending how much you put on.  First layer:  It's a coloured-in version of my lip colour.  Second layer I get a berry stain.  Third layer and I've got that 2012 SS runway lip. This is a dark that I think would work on anyone because it's so perfectly neutral.

Exposed:  A mauvey-nude, leans a little cool but settles into something suitable for warm skintones.  Reminiscent of Revlon's Mauve it Over but much less blue.

I have no idea why I didn't keep these in order as I was shooting

Texture: Colour-wise, it's beautifully matte.  Product wise, it feels like you have nothing on.  However, these can emphasize dryness or encourage any existing flaking, so make sure your lips are smooth beforehand.  There's a slight mint flavour upon application, but disappears fairly quickly -- I think it's supposed to be part of the plumping action?  I can't tell because my lips are already huge.  I think the plumping action has more to do with the colour you choose rather than the formula itself.

Wear Time:  Not amazing.  Contrary to the product claim, this doesn't so much act as a stain as a fantastically-textured lipstick.  If you're looking for something with insanely wear longtime, you're better off with something more liquidy like those new Maybelline 24-Hour liquid lipsticks or a high-pigment lipstick patted on. This has slightly better wear time if you push it into your lips in really thin layers.

Price: $31 CAD for 0.1 oz, so it's pretty pricey. It's slightly more reasonable in the States.

Indirect sunlight


Like the Tarte blushes, this colour range is fantastically edited.  I mentioned in this post how much I love a brand that edits itself well, and Tarte has done an amazing job of it.  There are also two more ranges of lipsurgence, one that's  glossy and one that's less tinted, but for such a pricey product, I'd get the matte version just because you can add gloss and sheer out colour if you like.  In terms of colour and texture, these are hands-down HG.  The staying power could be a little better, but otherwise these are well worth the money.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tutorial: Bridal Look

I did say that I wouldn't do a haul for some time so... this is me, not hauling.  However, I did recently come into possession of a few Korres products, so I'm doing a tutorial -- my first in a while, I believe!


This look would also be great for prom -- it's neutral and flattering enough to go with any colour dress, but I think it would be especially pretty if you're wearing something more unusual, like a wild colour, print or distinct shape.  This is quite a flexible look, so don't be afraid to smoke out your crease further or add a colour on the lower lashline.

TooFaced Shadow Insurance
Korres Eye Quad in Warm: Olive Green, Nude, Brun, Bronze Brown
Styli Style Automatic eyeliner: Brown
Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara: Black
Anastasia Brow Wiz: Ash Blonde
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
Benefit All-Over Face Powder in Glee
Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder
Marcelle Face Powder
Korres Liquid Lipstick in Nude

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush
MAC 272 (discontinued)
MAC 263
Shu Uemura curlers

I feel like filming another one!  Anything you'd like to see in particular? 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In-flight beauty

While I'm aware that flying wreaks havoc on your skin and that everyone can understand that you've been through eight hours of hell, there is nothing I hate more than strolling through an arrivals hall looking like I've crammed my 5'10 self into a seat much more befitting of a 5'4 person.

 Before a flight, I like to thoroughly exfoliate everything (scalp, soles and feet included).  That way, anything you apply won't have to fight through dead skin to work.  Then, you get one of these babies...

Yes, I am that person.

Before you point and laugh, I have to say one thing: Moisture is key when you're flying.  Facial sprays are redundant.  There is no better way to dehydrate your skin on a plane than to leave a few droplets of liquid on the surface of your skin and wait for them to evaporate and take with it any moisture it encounters.  However, if you maintain that liquid balance for long enough, your skin will eventually absorb the moisture from the product.

Note: If you can't find these paper masks where you live, you can bring a facial spray but be sure to apply a thick layer of moisturizer immediately afterwards.

I want one of these for my bedside table.
Not so convenient for a flight, though.

During the flight, I drink water exclusively.  Never mind the evil dehydrating power of coffee, tea or alcohol, I don't drink anything marked "decaffeinated", "organic" or "sugar-free" either.  It's water or nothing.  I bring a water bottle with me so I can refill whenever I like and not make the airhosts hate me when I ask for a bottle every half hour.

Look how far that ground is!

Last thing: Don't open your window.  Why not?  A) It's intensely irritating for those trying to pass out with or without the help of narcotics/supplements and B)  You're suddenly 35000 feet closer to the sun.  If someone else opens their window, immediately apply SPF lest you wrinkle.