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Tom Ford

Narcotic Rouge.  As though red lipstick wasn't addictive enough on its own, the inspiring and completely dashing Mr. Tom Ford had to go and raise the bar on lip addiction.

It's taken me over three years to finally, finally succumb to a Tom Ford lip product.  People are fairly divided on whether the formula is really that good, and isn't that other brand's lipstick just as good for a fraction of the price?  It's all a matter of opinion, but I think we can all agree that Mr. Ford raised the bar when it came to luxe lipsticks.  Some people might even say that after a decade of Lip Glass, Juicy Tubes, and Lip Glazes, he made lipstick cool again.

And how could you not be?  Picture pulling this divine, black-lacquered (or if you were lucky enough to hop onto the bandwagon during the bone white packaging, kudos!) case out of your clutch.  I've never been one to condone applying lipstick in public, but imagine yourself, casually leaning on a cocktail table, popping off the cap to expose a beautiful gold case.  Then the base twists up to reveal the most perfectly rich red.  It's just pink enough to add a pop of brightness, but the extremely high pigment will finish your lip look with just one swipe.  Then it disappears back into your bag as though it had never been.  That flash ebony, gold and scarlet will have people taking a second look.  Where did it come from?  Where did it go?

The colour is perfect for the summer.  It's different than my regular blue or orange-based reds -- this reminds me of my first MAC lipstick ever -- Brave Red.  I don't have that one to compare for you, but Narcotic Rouge starts off with a bright hot-pink base.  It's the ultimate Marilyn Monroe colour -- even the finish is glossy, just the way she liked it.

Tom Ford is available at Holt Renfrew for $55 CAD.

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