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Farewell, Blogger.

I can't believe this is the last post I'll write on Blogger.  It feels SO weird.  For the past four and a half years (it's been that long, I've just deleted 85% of the embarrassing content), I've opened up my browser, logged into my blogspot editor and crafted all of my posts in this space.  I'm not someone to write up posts in Microsoft Word or in a gmail draft -- this is the only processor I use.

It was time for a change -- I'm not super well versed in coding of any sort, so I turned to the magical (read: MINIMAL) world of Squarespace with its crazy beautiful templates, and I'm taking the plunge.

I hope you'll all join me over there, and celebrate the fact that I've finally, finally dropped that

25th birthday resolution, check.

See you over at

Hangover Cure: Skin and Makeup

I don't go out that often anymore since I'm the least motivated person in the world, except when it comes to binge-watching any Netflix series or Criminal Minds.  Or Scrubs.  Or all TV.

Starting over -- I don't go out that often, but when I do, I don't handle any drinks well.  I'm that person who passes out after two glasses of wine, but not before my entire body rejects it by breaking out in hives.  That said, every once in a while, I'll be social (read: share a bottle of wine while collectively binge watching TV) and my mid-twenties body doesn't always fare well the next morning.  I try my hardest to coordinate Advil and water ingestion, but things happen.  Hangovers happen, and you can do something about it. Yes, you!

I have three priorities the morning after: alleviating dehydration inside and out, not being mistaken for a zombie, and eggs benedict.  In the video above I address the first two issues, and most breakfast places will help you out with the third.  Alternatively, you can DIY it by watching my Eggs Benedict tutorial here!

Anyways, check out the video to watch Tod go through every step I take to cure a hangover -- I woke her up SUPER early to this (for authenticity obvs).

PS: I don't think I've ever asked you this before, but are there posts you'd like to see from me in particular?  No question is too small -- in fact, the more basic it is, the more complicated I can make it look on video. True story.

Also, check this resemblance:

Life-Changing Products | TOD'S CORNER

A few weeks back, I rounded up a few of Tod's Empties (link HERE), and I asked you if you wanted to see her favourites.  These aren't just any favourites though -- these are life-changing products that she's stuck with for years (except the mascara, I threw that in because she raved about it every day for the first 30 days that she used it -- it earned its spot).  I can firmly attest that these products are in heavy rotation -- her product A.D.D. is significantly less rampant than mine.

In addition to the products above, she's also currently obsessed with Supernatural and tacos.

Darphin Camomile Oil
"I never expected I would like this as much as I do! It was a Shoppers Optimum Redemption impulse buy! But I'll put this on and when I wake up in the morning, my face feels like it's glowing -- and I know it's only that because I don't use anything else when I put that on."

Vitry Nail Care Treatment
"As long as I can remember, my nails have peeled.  I've tried so many different things to strengthen them, from every single brand, but they would still peel especially when it was dry. This is the first thing I've ever used that's ever stopped them from peeling and seems to make them grow faster.  I've been through four bottles and I have at least five backed up."

MUFE Smoky Lash Extravaganza
"So nice.  With pretty minimal effort it separates out my lashes but coats them individually so they all look thicker. I want volume -- I don't need length or curling -- but I hate clumpy lashes.  I like the pointy tip too, but it does tend to pick up a lot of product, so I have to wipe it off."

Urban Decay Primer Potion
"The mini specifically!  It has to be the mini.  It's actually more economical to buy the smaller one, especially if you go by the 6 month use-by deadline.  The larger one takes FOREVER to get through and before I could even get through it the packaging had started to split and the product started separating.  I know it's more money per ml, but I take about six months to finish all of a smaller tube instead of throwing out half larger, more expensive tube.  Back to the product though, I don't put eye shadow on without this.  Otherwise I get lines of product randomly striped on my lids like a zebra."

Paula Dorf Eye Contour Brush
"I don't know why this is so good.  It fits right into my socket -- it deposits and blends colour into my crease with almost no effort on my part.  I reserve this for my crease colour exclusively because I can just use anything else on my lids, even my fingers.  You know this brush is important to me because it's the only one I take on vacation.  It's replaced the MAC 217."

Brow Wiz
"It's pricey and I go through it really quickly but this gives me brow like no other -- it has the best colour.  It gives me the most natural-looking brow, and the spoolie on the end is my favourite.  It has a thin tip so it takes longer -- I don't really do it in the mornings, but sometimes I'll take it with me so I can fill them in later in the day."


Out of sight, out of mind -- isn't that the way it goes?  If you watched my Makeup Addict Tag last week, you'll have seen that all of my storage is transparent.  I have the worst tendency to forget things that are in my collection!

I keep the brushes I'm currently using in my everyday makeup set up (check it out here), and I rotate them out on a fairly regular basis.  Since my skin is extremely acne-prone, I'm paranoid about putting dirty brushes on my face, hence the need for 5? 6? foundation brushes.  I'm also really lazy about washing my brushes (beauty blogger blasphemy!) so the rotation is SUPER necessary.

When I first started the blog, I had the highest aspirations to owning every single MAC brush in the collection -- it was pretty lofty and unnecessary.  Since expanding my brush collection, I've come to the conclusion that I really don't need all of them, and that I actually prefer a ton of other brush collections.  My current favourites come from Hakuhodo, Paula Dorf, Real Techniques and Suqqu (despite having just the one cheek brush).

While I'm pretty set for brushes (because really, how many fluffy blending brushes does one need?), I still have my eye on a few other brands -- it's that typical beauty blogger Product A.D.D. that's speaking up on me.  I regularly stalk Beauty Bay for RMK brushes on sale, I constantly debate between getting a full set of Chikuhodo or just a few individuals, and the lust for the Suqqu powder brush is SO real I can't even begin to explain it.

I don't often do reviews, but let me know if there's a particular brush you'd like more information on! Also, do you have any brush favourites that aren't in my stash?  Giving you full permission to enable me right now.


Since I shared my favourite breakfast of all time on Monday (link HERE), I figured I'd share something closer to what I actually eat on an everyday basis.  Ain't nobody got time to whip up that Hollandaise on a weekday.

I've recently gotten into make a green smoothie right before bed and that'll be the first thing I eat.  I think I've just figured out the recipe that I like, but it generally goes as some sort of leafy green, regular water, and flavourings (I like honey and lemon).  I think I might do a video on it, I'm sure there's a really cool way to film that!

My other daily staple is chia pudding -- my mom got me completely hooked on it!  I mix two tablespoons of chia with about half a cup of almond milk, then sweeten with honey.  It is literally that easy -- you might have to shake and/or store a few minutes after it sits, but even if you don't it's not a big deal!

I do have a question though -- since I started eating breakfast about two months ago, I've noticed that I get hungry faster.  Is that weird?

Recipe: How to make Eggs Benedict

Is it appropriate to publicly declare my love for Hollandaise sauce?  Never mind the fact that breakfast is my favourite meal, but there is a special place in my heart for spices, lemon and butter, and until a few years ago, I didn't know that there was a heaven-sent amalgamation of the three.

Eggs Benedict is one of my favourite breakfasts -- it's the most delicious indulgence you can experience, from the richness of the dish itself to the inevitable post-brunch coma you'll experience. If you plan to Eggs Benny, plan for an entire morning/early afternoon.  The experience takes that long.

My friend Laura who you saw in my Holiday Party Tutorial is a food whisperer and she makes the most delicious everything -- literally from raspberry jam to the perfect pie crust to all the random in-betweens.  I've been nudging her to do a food blog, but that remains to be seen.

Check out the video for technique, and everything else you need to know is below! I'll be sharing a healthier breakfast later in the week -- gotta keep those resolutions intact.


1 cup | butter
1 tsp | salt/pepper/cayenne
1 tbsp | lemon juice
2 egg yolks
2 English muffins
4 pieces of peameal bacon

4 eggs


1. Clarify your butter -- it's tempting, but don't stir!
2. Whisk your egg yolks over a pot of lightly steaming water (not too hot, or they'll scramble!)
3. Add a tablespoon of water if you need to help it froth up to a pale yellow colour
4. Take the yolk off the heat and slowly drizzle in the butter in a consistent stream
5. Whisk in lemon to taste
6. Season with salt, pepper and cayenne to taste (not shown in video)
7. Poach your eggs (bring water to a rolling boil, and drop your eggs in for 4 minutes)
8. Fry peameal bacon
9. Toast your English muffins!
10. Build your Eggs Benedict!

My Uniform

Not a word of lie when I say I wear some variation of the following every day:

- Gray sweater (Everlane Raglan Sweater)
- Black jeans (an especially slouchy pair from Theyskens Theory)
- Metallic loafer (Silver Anniel in the photo, gold Joe Fresh in real life)
- Light floral fragrance (usually Miss Dior Cherie or Penhaligon Rose)
- A smoky gray eye (Cle de Peau Color Quad in #9)
- Vampy lip (full disclosure: this is my going-out uniform)

Having come from a uniformed high school you'd think I'd get sick of it, but nope.

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