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my current lip balms.

Lips are one of the few places which I've ever had a problem with dryness -- usually in the winter, but if I even go one day without enough water, I start reflexively peeling the skin off my lips.  That was likely too much information. Regardless, it's hard to find a balm that actually hydrates instead of just being phenol-licious, so I tried to include a few that I love for the colour, and a few that I love because they work.

La Roche-Posay Ceralip
I'm not crazy about it.  It's a thick, translucent consistency that spreads easily over the lip, but it doesn't really hydrate.  What I use it for is to seal in a balm that actually hydrates.

Nivea Cherry and Labello Strawberry
These are actually the same company as they were selling these Labello balms in the Nivea Haus in Hamburg.  The cherry is a more cool-toned berry stain and the strawberry is warmer, but more natural-looking on me.  In terms of the colour's lasting power, both are more or less gone around the same time the gloss wears off.  These are ultra-soft so you run through them rather quickly, but the moisture they give is rather temporary.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose and Hibiscus
These aren't as soft as the Nivea balms, but definitely way softer than their regular, untinted counterpart.  Rose is more or less the same colour as Nivea cherry, maybe slightly more of a true red, but once you apply it, it looks the same.  Hibiscus is a pinky-nude, and I use it on days that I want to look "appropriate" but not put any effort into it. I think I use Hibiscus more often because I feel that Rose tends to get patchy if I over-apply.  Like the Nivea, the moisture is superficial.

Jack Black's Therapy Lip Balm
Here's one that actually hydrates.  This is a clear balm with a bit of shine once it's applied, but definitely not as shiny as the texture would suggest.  Mine's an old one, so ignore that SPF label -- the active ingredients don't actually work.  I love toting this around with me because I don't like dipping my fingers into pots when I'm about and about.

I think this is being discontinued, but I love it so much, I need to say something.  I don't know if it's my actual favourite out of all these balms, but it's the one I reach for the most.  It's really nothing more than Vaseline mixed with calendula, but it's so much less sticky than normal petroleum jelly, and it just seals in moisture better than anything else.  I've put this on at night to find that it hasn't fully absorbed in the morning.  We'll miss you, Homeoplasmine.

Korres Lip Butter in Rose and Plum
I love, love, love the texture of these.  The only word to describe such a thing would be cushy.  If you've used these before, you'll understand what I mean -- they're just so buttery and smooth that when you dip your finger in, it's like sinking into an extremely soft couch.  Rose is a dark red that sheers out to a mid-tone pink if you use a small enough amount.  Plum is exactly what it sounds like, but it's harder to build up to the pot colour.  It's one of those "my lip but better" colours on me, leaning towards a mauve-y pink.

Nuxe Reve de Miel
I'm in love.  This is insanely expensive lip balm in Canada (and not that cheap even in Europe), especially since it's a pharmacy product but I think I have to repurchase it.  It's a blend of beeswax, shea butter, calendula and god knows what else, but it smells AMAZING and it actually works!  This makes my lips feel better from the inside -- a huge difference from my usual experience.  It gets gritty, but don't let that bother you -- think of it as a gentle lip scrub.  Also, it's completely matte so it's great for lipstick prep, and for people who don't like a shiny lip.

Jurlique Love Balm
I use this light, yellow balm on everything -- my brows, my cuticles, elbows and under the eye. On my lips I use it when I feel like getting a punch of real moisture, but want something lighter than Reve de Miel.  It's a little shinier than RdM, but it absorbs rather quickly, so there won't be much shine after a while.  When I warm this up in the pot, it almost feels like it's going liquidy between my fingers. I love this for my cuticles because it absorbs almost instantly.

I was thinking about doing a video for this post, but I'm fairly certain it would have been about half an hour long, given how obsessed I clearly am with lip balm.

Got any lip balm recommendations?  Share it in the comments!


  1. Wow you have a lot of lip balms on the go. Don't they go off?
    I did have 4 on the go but I finished one, now I only have 3 :)

    1. They definitely go off, this is post-clear out! I've never tried a figs and rouge one -- i'm trying to hold off trying new things until I get through at least a couple of these!

  2. I'm obsessed with the korres lip butters! Quince is my favorite :D I really want to try the nuxe balm - next time I have a gift card, I'll pick one up! If you haven't tried the fresh balms yet - you need to! They're my favorites so far!

    1. Let me know what you think of the nuxe balm! I received the Fresh one a year ago, but gave it to my dad because he really liked it. I can't wait to claim it as my birthday gift from Sephora!

  3. wow, so many different kinds! interesting (& tempting)! lol
    my favorite is the original rosebud salve. i use this everyday before i go to bed and i wake up with supple lips. on the other hand, i just use any hard (not-so-moisturizing) stick lipbalm under my lippies. :)
    thanks for sharing your collection with us!

    1. I've tried that too -- I used it all the time in high school. Now my dad uses it on his head (he's bald) where he gets dry patches, so I can't dissociate from that LOL.

  4. Korres and Jack Black are both brands I've had my eye on! Fresh Sugar is my current go to, but I tend to stock up on tons of different ones in winter. I get skin-peeling dry lips too :(

    1. They're both good! I switch between them pretty evenly. And I hate how much my lips people, I feel so bad for people who have to look at them!

  5. I like korres in plum as well, and I just recently got nuxe reve de miel. Nuxe is my 2nd favorite behind La Mer the Lip Balm - my lips sound like yours and i have a bad habit of peeling off the dry skin too.. La Mer totally saved me and most of the time my lips don't even get to a point where I can peel them. Plus La Mer lip balm really helped with the color of my lips!

    1. I've heard La Mer's lip balm is AMAZING. I might just be tempted to get it...


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