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Fall Makeup | Oxblood Lip + Copper Eye

I (and every other makeup wearer on the planet) adore a smoky eye.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I love smoky eyes more than a lot of other people simply because it's the only type of eye look that'll show up on my flat, hooded eyelids.

For anyone who has eyes lids like mine, you know that you can keep putting on the eye shadow only to have it disappear immediately as soon as you open your eyes.  It can be frustrating, but it also means I get to wear more makeup. Win?

On Tod, I'll be showing you one of my favourite fall looks -- a coppery, red-toned smoky eye.  I never knew how much I could love this type of colour on me; there's definitely a risk that this could end up looking like a bruise.  That said, with the right products and good shadow placement, anyone can wear this look.

HOODED EYE TIP: Keep your eyes open as you apply the eye shadow, so you can judge how far up your lid to place the colour.


  1. Beautiful beautiful look!!! I usually avoid anything remotely reddish. Copper isn't my best friend, either. Tod wears it so well though! The LIPSTICK is ammmmaaazing!

  2. I am in love with reddish/copper eye looks right now. If you 'weigh' it down enough with that smokey element, it really ups the contrast and stops you from looking like you're suffering from chronic allergies. You did a beautiful job balancing everything here! Have you seen the new Lime Crime Venus palette? It has some gorgeous rusty brown shades...I am seriously tempted.

  3. This a beautiful look. I love the combination of colours.

  4. Jenn, this look is stunning! The Candlelight highlighter is such a perfect finishing touch and that lipstick is to die for. I always enjoy your tutorials so much! xo


  5. you're' making me want the brush..good job..

  6. A beautiful look! I love shades like this.... and it's not even Fall here

  7. Sunny -- You honestly can't go wrong with TF Black Orchid, it looks incredible on EVERYONE
    Kalyn -- ermagur, off to google IMMEDIATELY (like, even before I finish the replies here)
    Vicky -- thank you! Would love to see it on you :)
    Jen -- I was watching the tutorial and I feel like this is a look I saw on you a few weeks back! And thank you for the compliment!
    Jenn F -- It's the Hakuhodo blue squirrel one. SO GOOD.
    Lily -- Thanks, lady! I'm obsessed with everything earthy right now :)

  8. Oh wow, that is a simple and yet stunning tutorial, not sure if I can pull off that eye makeup but darn it, I wan to try!

    Reflection of Sanity

  9. PRETTIEST. That lip is gorgeous -- and the eye/brow pairing is absolutely perfect. ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks lady! High praise coming from someone with your skillz!

  10. Lovely! I like the colors used and it have really enhanced the beauty of the person. Great tutorial. Will def gonna try this out.

  11. Love how this turned out! I always enjoy watching your videos. That lipstick is great.

  12. Wow this is a great look! I'm not sure if I can pull it off though (I severely lack eyeshadow skills).

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