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My recommendations for Sephora's VIB 2012

After much strife with this year's Friends and Family sale, Sephora has finally released its VIB dates.  Those of you who are VIBs will know that the sale starts tomorrow and goes until the 12th, offering a 20% in-store discount.

I've always maintained that you should do all of your Sephora shopping at this time. In fact, if you can, you should try to become a VIB for the next year by making your $350 purchase -- you'll receive $437.50 worth of stuff. You could, in theory, purchase 14 Clarisonic heads.  They won't spoil and they'll be useful as long as you don't abandon your Clarisonic.

That said, I haven't been using my Clarisonic much lately, so I've compiled a list of things that I would or will likely purchase...

1.  Tools:  If you don't have a Clarisonic, a GHD, or any of these big-ticket items, now would be the time to invest.  20% off a $225 flat iron is pretty significant, and GHDs never go on sale at Sephora.  Come to think of it...nothing ever goes on sale at Sephora unless the brand is being discontinued at the store.  This Clarisonic set with travel-sized Josie Maran products seems like a pretty sweet deal.

 2.  Gift Sets and Value Palettes:  There's nothing more delicious than getting a discount on an already (sort of) discounted item.  I'm personally eyeing the Super Stars set (Exfolikate and a full-sized NARS Orgasm?  Count me in.) and the Give Me Some Lip Sephora Favourites.  If nothing else, think of the fact that you're purchasing a Tarte Matte LipSurgence for $24, when they regularly retail for $31.

3. Things you already love: If you know you're going to repurchase your favourite red lipstick or your daily brow pencil, you may as well get one (or three) while your discount is active.  Some of my favourites include Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer and Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  And the aforementioned Clarisonic Sensitive brush head.

What is everyone else purchasing from this year's F&F?  Leave it in the comments so I can peruse!


  1. Boscia Blotting Linens are a must have, as is nail polish remover. I just purchased a new mascara, but I might stock up on another. I certainly wish I didn't have so many different concealers in stock or I'd buy at least one. I'm planning to get a cream shadow as a base, and a NARS blush. I wanted to get the Beauty Blender, but they're sold out. I debated a Clarisonic, but I truly think I'll get one for Christmas. And both the gift sets you mentioned are strong possibilities! Happy discount shopping!

  2. i'm having such a hard time narrowing down my list... i may have to blow my beauty budget, but maybe it will be worth it? :)

    1. Always. Try to eliminate anything you might have already have dupes for!

  3. I also picked up the Beauty Elixir :)

  4. josie marin argan oil is on my list and so is clarisonic.great blog.


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