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Review: Chanel Foundation Brush

There's a certain prejudice against a traditional, paddle foundation brush.  The past few years have offered us some amazing foundation brush options that have pushed aside ol' traditional -- the Sigma F80, CoverFX 160 and the Sephora Airbush #55, to name a few.

After methodically watching every single Lisa Eldridge video this summer, I noticed that she almost always uses a traditional foundation brush.  If The Great One herself uses it, there must be some merit.  She favours the Boots No 7 one, and in her Chanel Confidential videos, she sticks with her Chanel one.

What I liked about this brush in particular was the thickness and density of the bristles.  The last paddle foundation brush I owned was by EcoTools and it wasn't thick at all.  Some people like that for the flexibility, but therein lies the magic of the Chanel foundation brush.  The bristles are beautifully dense at the base of the brush, which gives the brush the stiffness it needs to push the product around your face.  They taper gradually at the tip, and this thinner end is great feathering out any edges.  The size is perfect for my face, and I don't see anyone having an issue with it.  It fits comfortably around my nose and under my eyes, so I've been using it to blend in my concealer as well.

This doesn't drink up nearly as much product as other foundation brushes I've used, so be aware that however much foundation you apply to the brush is pretty close to how much will end up on your face.  My favourite aspect of applying with this brush is that it makes it really easy to go back and add coverage -- with a kabuki or a buffing brush, I find that I end up with similar coverage everywhere, even if I don't necessarily need as much on one area. 

Chanel's No. 6 Foundation brush is a synthetic brush that measures just over six inches and comes in a velvet pouch.  In Canada, it costs $47 CAD, and is available at Chanel counters. 


  1. looks good to me.but i think its nt for beginners or amateurs at all.i recently got myself F80 .still learning with it :-)

    1. I find foundation to be a generally difficult part of makeup -- Would love to hear how you get on with the F80!

  2. Could you post a video with how you use the foundation brush? -- Thanks so much!


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