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Review: Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone

Another blogosphere favourite this week!  A drugstore item, no less.

I'm sure you've all gathered by now that I'm pretty willing to spend on my face.  Of course I still root around the drugstore in the hope that something amazing will come up, but...those are few and far between.  At the end of the day, there's a difference in quality that's up to you to decide if it's worth the price increase.

Enter Wet 'n' Wild's reformulated eye shadows (hauled and played with here).  From what I hear, about a year ago WNW decided to do a huge brand overhaul.  If anyone remembers the line from my days, it was the quality equivalent of those sketchy pink lipsticks you find in the dollar store.  You know, the kind you pick up because you're a beauty junkie then go..."Why am I looking at makeup in the dollar store?"  Then you proceed to drop it and block the experience from your memory.  However, if this palette is any indication, the brand has come quite a ways since then.

Below are some swatches on my NC40 arm -- these come off much more pigmented on the lid than on my arm, so do take those in with a grain of salt.  The texture is a little powdery, but still ridiculously creamy.  In fact, I find these creamier than some MAC shadows I have, almost to the squishy level of TooFaced shadows.  The colours in this palette are well-edited; the only thing that's missing is a matte shadow to help contour, but that's a personal preference.  In fact, from what I hear, there are quite a few MAC dupes, but I don't own any of the comparable shades to swatch for you.

Don't feel pressured to use the shadows according to the label that's stamped into them -- the bottom right Definer colour is the most beautiful wash of blue-brown duochrome all over the lid.

Left Browbone -- neutral cream shimmer
Left Eyelid -- peachy-pink shimmer, can get frosty
Left Crease --  neutral, teddy-bear brown, 
more suited for the lid or outer-v, due to shimmer
Left Definer -- blackened, reddish purple with minimal
sparkle.  Great for the crease.

Right Browbone -- silvery taupe shimmer.  
Wouldn't use this on anyone's browbone
Right Eyelid -- cool, yellow-green shot through with silver shimmer
Right Crease -- gray-brown satin, one of the 
least shimmery shades. Great for liner.
Right Definer -- mid-tone raisin colour 
with a blue/brown duochrome.  Shimmer finish.

I'm lusting after the matte, rainbow version of this palette.  Any other tried-and-true drug store favourites?


  1. I've seen this palette in the blogosphere over the last few months and it really is gorgeous! The versatility and price have me feeling like it would be a great palette to travel with.

  2. Getting a ton of spambots there lol

    I don't have much to add because I can never decide on what to get. I see the fancy brands at Sephora and I want to buy them, but the price tag ultimately turns me away. Then, when I look at the drugstore products, I question the quality and reason out that if I save a purchase at the drugstore, I can put the money towards buying something at Sephora. XD A never-ending cycle really...

    What's your opinion on my dilemma? I barely use make up (and in fact, I've never done eye make up beyond liner), but i've been curious for the longest time and wanting to try out something natural looking...

    Heh, this is probably wayyy beyond a "comment" but I felt like asking you since I sorta knew you in person (assuming you remember me too!)


    1. Hahaha of course I remember you! Thanks for visiting the blog, it's always a pleasure to receive a comment =)

      As for the drug store vs high end dilemma, it largely depends on your preference. I'm very picky about textures and finishes, so I tend to spend more to get something that looks and feels good on my skin.

      A good rule of thumb is to spend money on foundation, primer and concealer, and to skimp on the rest. I think I remember that you have fairly clear skin, so you probably don't need much in the base department. For colour products, I think it's fine to start at the drugstore to figure out what you like/don't like, then work your way up.

      I'll find you on facebook and we can chat about this in person if you like!

  3. Oh how I wish my skin was still clear....It's gone through a major break out phase with life changes here and there and everywhere @__@ I went for a Bobbi Brown foundation cuz I heard it looks most like skin and such, but after trying it out a few times, it seems like it breaks me out even more >_<;; Too apprehensive to try anything now...

    I'd love to chat over it on fb! But I'm currently locked off for exam period (yay school!) >__>

  4. i love the way they have mentioned on the shades the area it has to b used on.wet n wild is on my wishlist.great review

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