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How to: Remedy Puffy Eyes

I never used to think about my under-eye area.  It was just not a problem.  And one day I woke up and my eyes were completely stained dark brown all around and all the flesh around my eye had swelled out.  It was...not pretty.

Tod has mentioned that she had a problem with puffy eyes not long ago. She is the most avid eye-cream tester I know; her standards far exceed mine when it comes to eye treatment evaluation.

After several treatments, serums, creams, and rollers, we've found very few products that actually work.  One of them is a La Prairie serum I mentioned in my 2012 favourites, but unfortunately costs an arm and a leg.  The other is facial massage, which is a video for a weekend with good lighting.  The third...

Milk.  I briefly hinted at this ingredient in my Natural Skincare Favourites a while ago, but here's how I use it. Tod, as usual, will demonstrate the method.  (See flippy .gif)

It's fairly simple, just grab a couple of cotton pads (around here, we like Shiseido Cotton) and soak them in cold milk.  The cooling sensation will also help with the de-puffing! Squeeze them out so the milk doesn't run everywhere and apply the compress to your eyes for 15 minutes.  You can apply the cotton round to your entire eye and take a catnap (which will probably also help you look more awake), or fold and apply them underneath the eye in a half-moon shape while you watch Criminal Minds.

The first time we did this, it was miraculous. I can't explain what kind of anti-inflammatory magic this is, but it works.  The puffiness was completely gone. In the image above, the results aren't quite as dramatic as they were the first time we tried it, but you can tell the skin under the eye is less swollen.  For best results, try this first thing in the morning! 


  1. That's a really good idea, my eyes are puffy most of the time so I will definitely give this technique a try :)

    1. Yes! Please let me know if it works for you -- I need a larger sample size :)

  2. OOO hey, I've got to try this next time! My eyes are ALWAYS puffy in the morning. I think it runs in the family or something like that. Fortunately, since I work from home, not many people have to see it (except for the poor postman). If I have to roll out of bed and head out of the door one day, I'll definitely give this trick a go :)

    1. I love the postman, he's seen me in EVERYTHING.

  3. omg than youu! i will try this asap!


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