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10 days in a Carry-On: Packing List

I hate checking luggage -- especially on the way to a destination!  I refuse to spend any time waiting for my luggage when I could be getting on my way to the see the place I've flown six hours to see. For that reason I'm also restricted to toiletries in a liquids baggie.  Check that magic out here!

I'm also trying not to look like a slob though, so check below for a handy-dandy packing list: 15 items of clothing to get you through 10 days. Let's be clear though, I'm not including socks/undergarments in that 15.  For two weeks That's  Shoes, accessories, outerwear though -- it all counts.

SIDEBAR: The crazy person inside me hates the fact that I have more items of clothing than there are days in my trip.  If this were a beach vacation and not a European city break, things would be very different.

- To see these outfits in action, check out the vlog here! -

I'm not planning to do laundry because I'm moving around so much that there won't be time for anything to dry.  The list down below contains literally everything I'm bringing with me. Note that folding it all into this Muji packing cube leaves approximately 2/3 of my suitcase empty.

The reason I prefer to travel with close to nothing is that I will inevitably shop. In fact, it's nice to build your wardrobe along the way with treasure you've picked up -- at least you know you'll use all the souvenirs you've purchased.  Caveat Emptor: It's not a guarantee you'll find something, so don't go naked.

PS: You'll notice that makeup and skin care are suspiciously absent.  Next week!
PPS: Yes, everything listed below (and more) fits into the cases seen above or onto my body.  That's it, folks!

- sweater dress

- wool overcoat

- 2 tees
- 2 tanks
- silk oxford shirt
- black jersey cardigan
- cashmere sweater

- bandeaus
- black tights
- socks
- underwear
- pyjamas

- ginger chews
- headphones
- thick socks
- amusement
- eye mask
- face mask
- skinny jeans
- black jeans


- flats
- biker boots

- everyday bag
- infinity scarf

- flip flops
- towel
- scrubby towel
- meds (charcoal / Gravol / Tylenol / melatonin)

- gopro + cable
- phone + cable
- sd cards
- wall adapter + dual plug

- passport
- travel itinerary
- insurance

*Format stolen from Sophie at The Private Life of a Girl. She is my guiding light towards minimalism


  1. I absolutely hate checking in luggage too. You never know if they're going to lose it!
    Unfortunately my packing isn't as streamlined as yours. I try to pack just what I need, but there are always those what-if situations that play out in my head.

    1. Most what-if situations can be aplved when you get there ;-)

  2. Wizardry. How is that so small?!

  3. What! So small!!! I wish my packing process was as streamlined, but for a beach I need to bring the big bottles of sunscreen with me.

    1. Omg as you should. Packing tip: whoever has the least liquids has to bring the big bottle of sunscreen ;-)

  4. Ack, I had a huge dilemma when I was packing for 9 days in Seoul, too—I ended up very underprepared and kicking myself in the face because it was SO COLD.


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