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I can't recall if I've ever written about these before, but I freaking LOVE American Apparel Unisex Circle Scarves.  I've been wearing these for at least seven years now -- I started with the bright emerald green version (I think I also bought a bright orange version on the same day, God knows where that's been left behind), and to this day I'm still constantly asked about them.  Between Tod and me, we have at least four of these that we know of in our house.

These are innocuous little tubes of fabric, just too short to be a sleeping bag, but perfectly sized for rainy day snoods, airline blanket replacements, and a makeshift throw for the first few days that you move into your brand new apartment.

I found myself pretty annoyed with the "How to tie a circle scarf 10 ways" because at the end of the day, they're being used as scarves.  The issue with these videos is that as long as you're using the item as a scarf, it looks pretty much the same regardless which way you tie it.

Its true versatility lies in its ability to repurposed as a substitute for other pieces in my closet.  Check the video above for a full how-to.

What are your favourite wardrobe purchases?


  1. You, my good woman, is a genius!!! I don't own any of these infinity scarves, but man aren't they versatile!!! Love that dress option with a belt especially :)

    1. I wear it that way sooo often! It's the best travel companion :-)

  2. Wow, how super creative! Love the way it looks on you as a dress and I may just have to try the cardigan trick out myself :)


  3. Replies
    1. I honestly don't even know what my life would be without them haha

  4. Oh wow, this is brilliant! I'd never think of so many ways to style it. Love that you can turn into a dress, that is just so cool.

  5. This scarf is honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made! SO versatile.


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