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11 Questions Tag (twice)!

A couple lovely ladies tagged me to do this -- the idea is that they ask 11 questions, I answer them, then I ask you 11 of my own.  I tried so many times to film this, and it was just wasn't working out -- random fire alarms, filled SD cards, camera batteries dying, I gave up and filmed as much as I could.  I figured I'd answer one of the tags in the video, and the other here so those who visit my Youtube channel could enjoy one, and the readers could have the other!

I answer Annick's questions in the video -- she's the writer behind The Small Little Things in Life.  Here are her questions!

1. You are traveling to Morocco and can only bring 5 makeup items. What would those items be? 
2. What is your favorite eyeshadow of all times.
3. What's your 5 minute face? 
4. Do you pencil/draw in your brows? If so, with what products?
5. Tell me of an embarrassing makeup moment or story 
6. Heels or flats?
7. What is the most luxurious makeup item you own?
8. Do you have any pets? 
9. You've won a gift certificate at Sephora for $100. How would you spend it? 
10. What's your skin type? 
11. Do you like ice cream? What's your favorite kind?

Becca from The Beauty Sample tagged me to do this too!  Here are her questions, with my answers!

1. Do you have a go-to look when it comes to makeup? If so, describe it!
My go-to look is usually nothing!  If I'm putting in a tiny effort, the first thing I'll do is this look I recently showed you.
2. On average, how often do you buy new makeup? Do you buy makeup more in-store or online?
I really hope my mother isn't reading this.  I'm pretty sure I buy something every month, but it comes and goes in waves.  For example, around June, there's a few warehouse sales in Toronto and that ends up being...not a great month for me, budget-wise.  I've recently dabbled in online makeup purchasing, you can see my first purchase here!
3. Are there any brands that you have been dying to try but haven’t gotten a chance to yet?
SO MANY.  Tata Harper skincare is one of them, Costes fragrances, MAQPro, By Terry, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Tom Ford, REN skincare, Burberry makeup, T. LeClerc, Ellis Faas makeup, Barry M, Collection 2000...shall I go on?
4. Do you spend more money on makeup or skincare?
This is a tricky question.  I think my current makeup collection holds more dollar value, but I regularly use up and replace my skincare.  It's probably both?   I know for a long time I was spending way more money on nail polish than anything else!  You know what scares me?  My tolerance for outrageously priced cosmetics is getting higher and higher...
5. When it comes to skincare products, do you like to try new things a lot or do you stick to something loyally if you find it works for you?
Both!  One of my cardinal skincare rules is that you should establish a routine that always works for you, no matter what.  Then you can play with other products without worrying that you won't have something to go back to.
6. Most reached for blush as of late? What about eyeshadow? Eyeliner?
Blush is one of those things I can switch up every day.  I'm currently loving using my lip colour on my cheeks!  Eye shadow...anything neutral?  Currently it's Naked from Urban Decay.  I almost never wear eye liner these days, but I've been playing with the Stila Stay All Day liner (giving myself fun tattoos), and that's working really well!
7. Do you have any “HG” products? If so, share!
Not sure that I do...I have products that I adore, but none that I would necessarily call HG.  I think that kind of implies that you don't want to try anything else and my Product A.D.D. refuses to let that happen.
8. Is there that one perfect product that you keep searching for but have yet to find? If so, what is it? 
If one day...ONE DAY, I could find a foundation that is green enough to suit my extremely olive skin...I don't think I'd look any further.  It's not enough for foundation to be warm -- it has to have a little green in it. That is, if it makes you look ill, it's probably right for me. I'm open to any and all suggestions!  
9. If you had to choose just one beauty brand to shop from for the next 5 years, which brand would you choose?
What's supremely funny about this question is that I feel like my perfect brand is one of the ones I mentioned above.  Out of the ones I've tried so far...Institut Esthederm for skincare (they're the creators of Bioderma!) and Make Up For Ever for cosmetics!
10. Are you a sucker for packaging and/or pretty presentation (like the new trend of gorgeous, intricately embossed powders)?
Yes. Yes. And yes.  I (almost) never buy them.
11. You’re already running late but have on a completely bare face. Do you take an extra 5-10 (or even 15…:P) minutes to throw on just a little bit of makeup or do you go as is?
Not even a little.  If I'm late, I'm running out the door, stopping only to brush my teeth (because if I don't, my entire day is legitimately ruined).  The only other thing I might stop for is a face oil!

This was such a fun (yet oddly difficult) tag to do!  I'm going to recycle a few of the questions I loved answering.  I tag Christine B. from Little Red Bow, Evelyn from We Were Raised by Wolves, Esther from In a Nutshell, Alma from Honey Lushy and Jessica from Pixel Bunny!  No pressure though!  
  1. Check your bag.  What lip products do you have in there?
  2. Do you also hate CAPTCHA codes on comments?
  3. Tell me an embarrassing makeup story!  What's one makeup habit that (in hindsight) was so, so wrong for you?
  4. What's the one product/trick/technique that instantly boosts your confidence?
  5. What do your favourite physical feature on yourself why?  How do you enhance it or show it off?
  6. Share: your favourite blog? One that you think deserves more attention?
  7. What was the most recent beauty item you repurchased?
  8. What's worse:  Terrible drawn eyebrows or horribly chipped polish?
  9. Most affordable beauty favourite?  Most expensive beauty favourite?
  10. Any HG products?
  11. Go-to nail colour?
Anyone reading this who feels like answering any of the questions, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Thanks for the tag! I'll do a post soon, once it's bright enough outside to take pictures :(

  2. OMG I was telling Hubs just last night how much I love Butter Pecan ice cream but never get it! LOL!! Your hair looks absolutely perfect in the you ever do hair tutorials?? I find it amazing how many beauty bloggers wear next to nothing on many days!! I have to wear makeup for work, but in my off days now that my skin is so much better I'll just do a balm/gloss and powder. But even before I only added concealer to the mix. At home all day...yeah...I love wearing zero makeup to let my face breathe!! LOL :-)

    1. I've never done a hair tutorial actually! I need to figure out where I can do them -- the place where I film now is suuuuper cramped (and there's no mirror) so I'm looking into a different filming arrangement.

      Wearing zero makeup is the best!

  3. Yaaaaay! I had so much fun reading your answers--thanks for doing it! :) And I am dying over Burberry?!! You MUST remedy this IMMEDIATELY!! :P


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