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Every now and then, I find myself going through my old posts for inspiration.  I've been blogging for a while now, and it's given me the opportunity to experiment with my web identity.  I know a lot of you are new to my site, so here are a few throwback posts -- prepare yourselves for terrible picture quality, limited product selection and unfiltered thoughts.

I almost prefer the way I used to write on the blog -- it was much more of an instructable.  You can check out one of my favourite looks I've ever done here.  It was my version of an "editorial" look (in my defense, it seemed wild because it was before everyone got into this bright lip thing) and fully amped up the edge by making my model do a lot of awkward hand positioning.

Speaking of my model, a lot of you have never met her!  I call her Tod.  It's such a strange thought because there was a time when I was afraid of the internet and used her face as my own.  That is, I would pretend to be my roommate so I wouldn't have to share my identity.  It got especially funny when people started recognizing her and asking her for makeup advice.  The best Tod story I have on the blog is one of her horrendous first dates.  I wrote it in first person because I was planning to publish it before I came out.  It's still one of my favourite posts to date.

I recently posted about travel organization, but I don't know that my new readers completely understand how much I love travel containers.  Check out my post here -- all those containers are still valid.  And you're seeing right, I didn't even have regular access to a camera back then.  I do have one addition: I now use those Bath & Body Works anti-bac containers for shampoo, conditioner and body lotion when I travel.  They're easy to decant into and they are just squeezy enough to get all the product out.

While I much prefer the quality of my blog now, I really love some of my older posts.  I'm thinking about republishing them with my own photos and more accurate/applicable advice. What do you think?


  1. I don't think you need to republish anything unless you've changed your point of view. People can always use the search function to find what they're looking for. Unless the post requires a major overhaul, I think you can just leave it as it is.

  2. I great to look back sometime to see how far you've come! I know some posts can be cringe worthy (been there!, but it's only natural for the quality to improve over time, with experience! hehe I too was a bit weary of putting my face out there, but I guess that's something you have to go through when you decide to become a blogger. I've always suffered with low self-esteem, so was super scared of putting my face on the interwebz to be judged by all, but it's been all good so far! I'm following you on bloglovin' now, loving your blog! xx

  3. Hey, I didn't know you used to have a different identity LOL Love that non-date from hell story, though I'm sure Tod wasn't pleased ;)

    I really like all the pretty, bright looks you did! This is one of the (rather rare) occasions on which I wish for more lid space :p

    1. Hahaha she was HORRIFIED. She got home that night and woke me up to freak out about it. Wrote that post immediately after so I wouldn't forget anything LOL.

      Thank you! She has a great face for colour -- I think I'll do another colourful tutorial soon! I miss those =)

  4. that clarifies so much...
    Cause when I first started following you on twitter I got confused w your picture there and how I knew of you on the blog!

    Anyway I was thinking about that, and I think I have one friend who would do the same for me, as I am still hiding behind the blog. But I'm thankful for that friend xD So yeah...Tod is awesome :)

    Gonna go read the other links now...especially the date one haha

    1. I know, I remember when I first started on Twitter, I was like, ...this is going to be confusing. I think it's just so much easier for me to control filming when I have a model to work with -- I don't have a viewfinder that flips out since I'm just using a point-and-shoot, so I need to be able to check the screen constantly.


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