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Urban Decay Vice Palette

This is the one that got away.  A beautiful combination of buttery, creamy shadows in a fantastic range of shadows with the most perfect bright/neutral ratio.  Yes, we are talking about the Urban Decay Vice Palette -- one of those instances where I debated far too long about getting it, and I'm feeling the regrets.

Fortunately enough, my beautiful friend Peruana who is a beauty fiend lite managed to get her hands on the palette. We've been talking about me playing with it for months, and I knew I had eyes for only one colour.  Chaos.  Come to us, precious.

This is one of those tutorials where I literally sit down and play with makeup -- there is no direction, no plan -- I play with all the colours and I hope it turns into something I like.  The process usually goes something like, "Ooh, pretty colour!  Are we going out after?  Is it night time?" and those are the factors that decide which products I use, how crazy I go with shapes and colour, and how much glitter I can use.  Super professional, no?

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to watch on Youtube for a full line-up of products and links!


  1. You picked such great colors for Peruana! You really worked with and enhanced her skin tone <3 I skipped the palette because I don't use big palettes as often as my duos, trios, quads, and quints (I am not very good at pairing colors), but for those who have more artistic talent this seems like a really fun one!

    1. Thanks Sunny! I don't usually buy big palettes either because they take up a ton of room. I do like playing with colours though, and this one has a fantastically large mirror for travelling!

  2. I like this palette a lot, each and every shade in amazing!

  3. every once in a while I like using a bright blue, purple or green eyeshadow just as a bottom lash liner for a pop of colour. that's the extent I'll go to, but those UD eyeshadows are so pretty I feel bad just letting them sit there all lonely lol!

    1. I think that would be gorgeous on your skin! Sometimes I'll wear colour on my lids, but I'll make it more wearable by putting a neutral in the crease.


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