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Lip Product Addict Tag

You knew it had to happen.  Not only do I adore Essie Button (who was apparently here in Toronto the other day!), I love me some lip. Product, that is.  This tag was legitimately made for me -- click through to watch the video on YouTube and find at my answers to the following questions...

The Lip Product Addict Tag

1. Favourite blam/treatment?

2. Best eye-catching red?

3. Best luxury and best drugstore?

4. Best MAC lipstick?

5. The most disappointing?

6. Liner, yes or no? Oops! Forgot to answer this one, but the short answer is nope!

7. Best gloss?

8. Something extra!

Some of these questions were a struggle; I have far too many favourites in each category!  I tag all of you to answer the questions, either on your blogs or in the comments!


  1. HAHA WAT, lip balm conspiracy theorist???? That's a new one ;) You would definitely not approve of my Maybelline Baby Lips hoarding ways
    You'd be able to ~steal~ men's hearts with Chanel's 'Pirate'. Jussayin.
    (We're all secretly product snobs, in our deepest, innermost core. Let's be real here ._.)
    I want one of the Becca tints because one of them is literally named 'guava' LIKE SERIOUSLY? THIS RESONATES SO WELL WITH MY BLOG NAME. THAT IS ALL.

    1. LOL I'm so convinced there's a lipbalm conspiracy. Most people worry about government plots, I worry about phenol!
      Hahahah Pirate is just one of those colours :)
      OMG I bet the guava one would be PERFECT on you :)

  2. hahaha. the bf totally believes in the conspiracy too. he thinks its such a waste for me to buy/use lip balms and moisturizers in general.

    1. Not all of them! But without proper research, then YES we totally fall prey to it. #tryingnottosoundlikeafanatic

  3. A better-late-than-never kind of comment- this was such a fun version of this tag! Your picks were so much fun and you definitely introduced me to some new lipsticks I hadn't really heard of (a rare occurrence for this lipstick fiend!) Chanel Pirate looks beautiful and I'm loving the look of MAC Love Forever! xo



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