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Summer Beauty Essentials: Beach Days

Did anyone else know that we had beaches in Toronto?  I had no idea.  A few things that crossed my mind:

- There's actually sand there.  Like, beach sand.
- Apparently there is more than one ferry drop-off location.  Don't just go for the shortest line or you'll walk for an hour and a half to get to the beach.
- There is little to no cell service.  Prepare yourself for Nomophobia-induced anxiety.

What beauty essentials did I tote with me on my inaugural Toronto beach trip?  Caudalie Soleil Divin Anti-Aging Face Suncare SPF50 is a chemical sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays.  I mix it into a light foundation for beautifully sheer, uber-dewy coverage. Next, a strategic dusting of  Diorskin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup with SPF 25 (LONGEST NAME EVER) gives me a little more coverage, and takes down the sheen so my face glows only where I want it.  I keep it with me to control shine and to pretend I'm topping up my SPF.

I never bother with eye makeup at the beach, but those of you who are partial to waterproof mascara, go get 'em!  Lastly, don't forget a lip balm with SPF; in this case, Fresh Sugar Rose with SPF 25 for a hint of colour. I've literally never burned anywhere except my bottom lip.  Never again.

One thing that I've never, ever regretted bringing with me is a bottle of Avene Eau Thermale.  I use it for literally EVERYTHING -- to soothe any random cuts, cool down a rogue sunburn (Tod can attest to this), to escape from the relentless heat.  Literally everyone laughed when they realized it was pressurized water in a can, but not a single person complained when I spritzed them down at the height of the burning sun.  Just sayin'.

An optional item, but I had to mention because it has the most appropriate name -- BECCA Beach Tints.  It's a full makeup look in a 5 ml package; just dot on your eyes, cheeks, and lips when you go from the beach to dinner.  I like Fig because it makes me look like Evangeline Lilly from Lost.  *cough*

And lastly?  Sunglasses, otherwise known those things people use to shield their eyes so it's not completely obvious they're checking you out.

What? No, I don't do that.  What are you saying?


  1. i feel weird about those water sprays. but yea..maybe i need to have it spritzed on a sun burn to understand :P
    and yes, you guys have 'beaches'. hahaha. i dont often go though but there's one about 12 mins walk from my house. not too bad. if i did beaches. if i pretended the lake was the ocean.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I have a hard time pretending the lake is an ocean. it just looks so dirty

  2. oh my god, your bottom lip?? I don't even want to think about that! I live in North Carolina, so I'm always at the beach...but being a ginger means sunburn ery'day.. I definitely need to get my hands on that Dior powder! Coverage and SPF in a beautiful compact? Yes pleaaaassse!

    1. Yeah! It gets all weird and rough and no amount of exfoliating will get rid of the rough patch! The Dior powder has shockingly high coverage too!

  3. Yeah, apparently Woodbine is one of the cleanest the world????? What even????????
    I'm half disappointed that the Beach Tint you have isn't 'guava'. DISAPPOINT.

  4. I love that you didn't know we had beaches in Toronto... and there's a section of town even called The Beaches lol. I live up the street from Sugar Beach, it's a faux beach though and kinda ghetto. Love that spray water, I use the Evian stuff!

    1. LOL I totally forgot about the beaches. Bad Torontonian.

  5. I never leave without Avene Eau Thermale. I super love this product for it has many uses. Its true never go out to the beach without this.

  6. LOL at the sunglasses thing :D
    and Avene. Love it...though I have been using the LAroch one a lot lately as well. It has a slightly finer mist, but I feel like the Avene has more of an I use them for diff things

    Anyway hope healing is going well!


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