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A Lazy Person's Smoky Eye

I may have just committed a click bait crime -- not that my tutorial (if you can call it that) isn't lazy, but I don't know that it is technically a smoky eye.  That said, it looks like one and wears like one so we'll call it that.

First up, you'll need the most versatile eye shadow in the world: A cool, matte, mid-tone brown. Every single brand in the world carries one of these, but I've been reaching for Le Metier de Beaute Tamarack.  It can simultaneously be applied as a sheer wash all over the lid or built up to a rich, chocolate line.  You'll know you have your holy grail neutral shadow when it can act eye contour, eye colour, liner and brow product.

For a classic smoky eye, grab a large, fluffy brush (pictured here: Paula Dorf Sheer Crease) and pick up a little colour.  To make sure everything stays even, I like to work the product into the bristles by blending out the colour on the back of my hand.

Sweep the product all over your lid, working into the socket and concentrating the colour on the outer third of your eye.  Since my eyes are typically Asian, I do this with my eyes open and build up to the intensity I like -- it's different every day.  Next, use your pinky to tap more colour onto the outer corners of your eyes, smudging a little underneath on the lower lash line to give an especially hazy look.

For more drama (and my less lazy peeps), the possibilities are endless.  Layer a paint pot underneath for ultra-rich pigment, pop on a bright eyeliner, or even just playing with the shape of the eye shadow can have a huge impact.

That said, I recently broke my right arm.  After an unfortunate mascara vs. eye incident, I've decided my left hand is not skilled enough to wield an instrument more complicated than a fluffy blending brush.


  1. Your armies! D: I hope you are on the road to quick arm recovery.

    Excellent lazy person's smokey eye! I also like this with a good cream shadow, slather slather and blend with fluff.

    1. Thanks, Belly! Yes, a cream shadow equivalent would be the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bronze Have More Fun -- also a current fave :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tracy! I need me some bone growth potion. Hook a girl up, will you?

  3. I have one LMdB product, one of the blush kaleidoscopes and I am insanely impressed by the quality. My lazy makeup includes Body Shop Grape Expectations shadow and MAC Omega for brow and contour.

    1. I've ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THOSE. Or a face kaleidoscope. I would die.

      You mentioned that eye shadow the other day -- I'll take a look! AND good call using MAC Omega for contour, I bet it's perfect on you!

  4. yes for matte mid-tone browns. ppl dont give anough love this very necessary type shade. i have a few solid 'looks boring' but are SUPER necessary shades like that as well.
    whens' your arm getting better dude?
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. There is no other colour I use more often! And should be a few more weeks -- there's been huge improvement already, which is AWESOME.

  5. Hope your arm gets better soon.
    I like the sound of this smoky eye, I don't think to use brown for some odd reason.

  6. Yes I love neutral shades that can be used all over. I'm way too lazy to use more than one shadow on a daily basis. Hope your arm is all better now!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames


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