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Hair Chat

The best selfies are video screenshots, obvi.  #justsayin

I tend to take my hair for granted -- unlike skin care and makeup, I've been very fortunate that I don't have to try all that hard to get my hair to cooperate with me.  That said, because it's become such an easy part of my routine, I forget how much I rely on my hair to feel confident.

The ShineStrong tag is something I helped develop for Pantene-- a series of 12 questions inspired by these two videos for us beauty girls to share our stories of confidence, bravery, and hair journeys.  I can't get enough of all the encouragement and inspiration people have been sharing with the #ShineStrong hashtag; it's incredible to see how far we've come with empowering women.

If listening to me blabber on about me and my hair inspires you to answer the questions, it would be my pleasure to read/watch/consume -- however you prefer to do it.  If you do video though, be sure to share your best screenshots.  See above.

Until the next post, #ShineStrong, beautiful.


  1. thx for the tweet/tag! i'll have to think of some good answers for these :P

    1. yes! SO excited to hear what you have to say :)

  2. Yeey, I really like your hair dear :)

  3. Bookmarked this post a while back BUT KEPT FORGETTING TO COME BACK TO IT IM SORRY. Love that humble brag though; "oh you know, I just helped create this tag"
    Everybody's face is gorgeous in their own way, though I do find it weird that you can do videos but hate doing selfies. (IT'S A WEIRD COMBO) But yeah, selfies are terrifying. Thoughts include, "DOES MY FACE REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT?" "HOW DO I GET MY FACE TO DO THE THING" and if you stare at a seemingly good selfie for long enough, even that becomes hideous too @_@
    I definitely need to try that conditioner tip! CAN YOU BE MY HAIR'S FAIRY GODMOTHER??

  4. A little late commenting on this one but.... I LOVE the #shinestrong tag. Congrats on the success! Great video and now I wanna go do a hair mask.

  5. Vanessa N - I would gladly be your hairy godmother.

    Julie - Do it. Your hair will love you THAT much more.


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