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On Not Washing my Hair..

My hair sticks to a fairly strict regimen in the summer -- freshly washed, one day straight, second day curl, third day loose curl, 4th day beachy wave, and depending on how much activity it's seen, I might even leave it on the fifth day.  I'm gross.

My tips to preserve curls and get away with not washing my hair?

#1 - Invest in a great dry shampoo -- these work differently for everyone, but a few favourites include Klorane, Batiste, Rene Furterer and good old baby powder.  Not sure how to use dry shampoo?  Check out my handy-dandy video.

#2 - Body shower -- My biggest issue is that no shower cap in the world will contain my hair, so I've started using my bamboo head wrap to help my hair avoid getting wet.  It also helps to have a shower head that detaches, instead of the fixed ones that force you to contort in all sorts of positions to avoid the spray.

#3 - Texture will help hide any dirty hair, so embrace that tousled, beachy, bedhead. My hair is super straight, so that usually translates to dreadlocks, but if I take a few minutes to put a little wavey dent in my hair, it goes a long way.   Take ten minutes to wrap your hair around a 1 inch curling iron or to get some waves with a GHD -- the messier, the better.  Don't stress if the waves loosen on day three/four, it'll add to the 'I woke up like dis' effect.

#4 - When in doubt, put on a hat.  Or if you're feeling super 90s, a bandana.


  1. Hey, I'm loving the new layout!

    I've done experiments like this, and I think it's a good idea to let hair be for a while. The less I shampoo, the less I feel the need to do so. I used to be one of those people who shampoo every other day, but now my hair looks just fine (with a little help from dry shampoo) for 4.

  2. Thanks Sunny! It's not a huge change but managed to take me five consecutive hours LOL.

    I used to shampoo EVERY DAY. Then I went on a camping trip for 3 days and couldn't even handle my own scalp, but I vowed to get my hair down to surviving a weekend with no shampooing. 8 years later, here I am!

  3. Oh, wow I wish I could go that long w/o washing...would make things easier!! I can go 3 days, though I have gone 4 before and paid the price - even into the third day my scalp starts to hurt, my hair starts to take on a slightly sour note and I can see the oil poking through. Sorry...gross, but true. Even with dry shampoo (I've tried several) I really don't like to go more than 3 days (and when I go on work trips I try not to go more than 2). Plus, for some reason my hair actually styles better when it's freshly washed and dried. #beautyproblems

  4. Last summer was a hot mess for me. My hair can barely tolerate second day hair, so I don't know why I went up to 5 days without washing last summer. EVEN WITH DRY SHAMPOO IT WAS GROSS. You are seriously lucky to go for that long without washing though; I've tried too many dry shampoos!

  5. Gummy - that's still really good though! I wish my hair styled well on the first day, if I put any heat styling to it when it's that slippery and clean, it falls out immediately

    Vanessa - Which dry shampoos have you tried? I only like a few, most of them make my hair feel dirty.

  6. i dont know dude. my hair goes from clean to greasy in no time flat and i hate the way it feels on my head after not washing it for a day. /but/ i embraced that curling iron tip you gave me at the mmva viewing party and got my mom to give me back my flat iron from vancouver. am expecting to wave up my hair like no tomorrow..if can get out of bed just a little bit early and maybe after i've practiced a few times...
    A Beautiful Zen

  7. I can't go as long as you! Kudos dude. You're like my daughter Marky. She goes 4-5 days too without washing because her hair is bright red. You know what works really well at absorbing oil actually? MUFE HD powder0the silica one. It's kind of a great dry shampoo!

  8. dunno why but since having a baby I can go 4 days now - used to be 2! (lucky that!)

  9. Ack, I can no longer do individual replies BUT, here goes!

    Jenn F - Honestly, just try not washing your hair for a week -- PUSH THROUGH THE GREASE. By the time you wash it on the seventh day, you'll marvel at how long your hair can go without a wash. Please show us a pic of your wavy hair!!

    Tracy - YES, I've heard it's terrible for redheads to wash their hair, the colour can get really brassy? Not sure though. And omg great minds think alike because I have definitely used the MUFE powder to take down the grease in a pinch.

    Julie - I've heard pregnancy and giving birth can do some fun things to your hair! My mom's hair got wavy after she had me, I'm hoping that happens to me!


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