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Review: Jack Black vs. My Favourite Night Balm

I consistently mistake one for the other.

My Favourite Night Balm was something I bought on a whim because I'd been lusting after Jack Black for so long.  Apparently they've been available at Sephora this entire time.  I think I've used both on and off for two months now.

In one corner...

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm
Price: $9 CAD
Volume: .25 oz
Scent: Vanilla and Lavender

I love that this ultra-moisturizing lipbalm has SPF 25, is in no way sticky and absorbs really quickly.  But not in that I-didn't-put-anything-on way, in that whoa-that-asborbed-quickly way.  LOVE.  This is great to wear alone or for any lip prep.  I usually put this on before bed and once in the morning and I don't feel any need to apply more often. Occasionally I do, but only because it feels so damn good.

And in the other...

C.O. Bigelow My Favourite Night Balm
Price: $7 CAD
Volume: 0.34 oz
Scent: none on the label, but smells like something vanilla-y or sugary.

This is the most high-gloss lip balm I've ever tried.  It reminds me of my long-lost love, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 001; neither of them really sink into your lips.  Rather, they sit on top and give your lips the most beautiful lacquered finish.  It's moisturizing, but it feels more like it's sealing in the existing moisture in your lips rather than adding any at all.  This is meant for use at night, so there's no SPF.

Verdict?  As an actual lip balm, I prefer Jack Black's version.  I always forget to use sun protection on my lips and it's the one part of my face that gets oddly rough.  Apparently that means your lips are sunburned.  Bottom line, Jack Black ekes out a little more moisture than C.O. Bigelow's version.  However, I do recommend My Favourite Night Balm for high-shine lip looks.  I've been using it for shiny nude lip days, but I don't really use it for moisture at night because I find it gets all over my pillowcases.

Any other lip balms I desperately need to try?

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